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I’m afraid there’s rather a lot. Dear Aunty Flow was here last week, so all I was good for was sitting very still for several days, reading blog posts between waves of pain. Then people kept posting more awesome shit, and wouldn’t stop, and by the end of the week, my list of unread links was enormous, and I couldn’t help but to read nearly all of them despite the fact I really should’ve been doing other things.

I have no self control.

But I have a lot more knowledge than I had at the beginning of the week, so you shall hear no complaints. Now, on with the links!


Mountain Beltway:  Words matter .

The Plainspoken Scientist: Use your words (wisely) .

The Biology Files: The meaning of words for scientists and the public: context matters.

Southern Fried Science: The Importance of Word Choice: Terms with multiple meanings for scientists and the public.


Occupy Wall Street

Decrepit Old Fool: Occupy BloNo – the local Occupy Wall Street group.

Mike the Mad Biologist: Is Our Media Learning? Not When David Brooks Is Around.

Threat Level: In a Single Month, the Occupation Became a Force.

The Atlantic: Public Radio Host Fired After Speaking for Occupy D.C.

Almost Diamonds: Outing the Ringers.

Lousy Canuck: Science dispels “vagueness” about Occupy Wall Street and
Everywhere a sign.

Balloon Juice: Long Division.

Occupy Cyberspace – American Autumn:

How I Was Arrested at Occupy Wall Street.

Blue Collar Atheist: Thank you, Occupy Wall Street.

Occupy Writers: By Lemony Snicket.



It is NOT Junk: Arsenic, quasicrystals and the myth of the science martyr.

Degrees of Freedom: The Periodic Table, and Why Batteries Don’t Work the Way You Think.

Life = Science + k: The rise of DIY labs.

Through the Looking Glass: Who speaks for the trees?

The Primate Diaries: Sacrifice on the Serengeti: Life History, Genetic Relatedness, and the Evolution of Menopause.

Earth-Pages: The useful geoneutrino.

Dinosaur Tracking: A Beautiful Baby Dinosaur.

Clastic Detritus: Friday Field Photo #158: Looking over Glacier Grey in Patagonia.

Science Daily: Earthquakes Generate Big Heat in Super-Small Areas.

OUP Blog: Cockroaches, who needs ‘em?

New Scientist: Rover scientist: Why I’m spending 13 days underwater.

Astrophile: The rebel star that broke the medieval sky.

Cocktail Party Physics: Burn, Baby, Burn: Understanding the Wick Effect.

Contrary Brin: Arguing With Your Crazy Uncle About Climate Change.

io9: Canvassing the Universe: How Artists Create Scientifically Accurate Images of Faraway Worlds.

Decrepit Old Fool: Invasive species in Normal – unexpected learning.

Earth and Mind: Going Negative on “Negative Feedback”.

White Coat Underground: Baseball and quackery.

Outside the Interzone: Volcanic Ramblings Part 5: Lotsa Lakes and Volcanic Ramblings Part 6: Cascades Slop Over Into Basin and Range.

The Scicurious Brain: The Pill and Relationship Satisfaction, aka the power of interpretation.

EurekAlert: Amorphous diamond, a new super-hard form of carbon created under ultrahigh pressure.

Nature News: Warning on neural technique.

The Guardian: Teenagers’ IQ scores can rise or fall sharply during adolescence.

BBC: Viewpoint: How do our bacteria help us?

The Last Word on Nothing: What Makes a Pun Funny?

Off the Shelf Edge: Conglomeratic submarine canyon fill, Point Lobos, California.

Disease Prone: Cerebral Palsy Challenger.

Eruptions: Mt. Rainier Earthquakes: When the “News” Isn’t News.

Highly Allochthonous: Does plate tectonics control magnetic reversals?

The Guardian: Global warming study finds no grounds for climate sceptics’ concerns.

White Coat Underground: I get mail!

Scientific American: Find the Hidden Colors of Autumn Leaves.

Nature News: Mastodon fossil throws up questions over ‘rapid’ extinction.

Oregon Live: 13,800-year-old Mastodon kill site in Washington: New window on lives of first Americans.

Mountain Beltway:  Bookshelfed mullions from Norway .

The New York Times: It’s Complicated: Dragonfly Love Comes Calling.

io9: What would the world look like if you approached the speed of light?

Science-Based Medicine: The Cure.

Discovery News: Glowing Sand Tells Time: No Hourglass Needed.

Science-Based Medicine: Reiki.

Bad Astronomy: Astronomers have found when and how the cosmic fog was lifted and The first direct image of a baby planet being born! (maybe!)(but probably!).

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Scientists correct the typo behind a genetic liver disease  and “Living fossil” cycad plants are actually evolution’s comeback kings.

Chicago Tribune: Younger doctors not as pro-vaccine as older docs.

COSMOS: Seeing and not believing.

Starts With a Bang!: Game Over for Faster-Than-Light Neutrinos?

Scientific American: Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: The Importance of Perspective-Taking.

Geotripper:  Vagabonding Across the 39th Parallel: A Day of Black and White in the Rocky Mountains and Just Gotta Love Days Like This…Earthquakes, Earthquakes, Earthquakes.

Up-Section:  Teaching geoscience to religious students.

Roxy Drew: (Human) Sex Is Boring.

Glacial Till: Meteorite Monday: Impactites.

It’s Okay to be Smart: If this video doesn’t make your jaw drop … you don’t have a jaw.

Andrew Alden: Look Out for Underlooks.



The Passive Voice: How to Read a Book Contract – Where Are We Gonna Fight?

Boundary Vision: Learning about science writing from kids.

Write to Publish: Good Reads 101 – Part 2 Tell me about your book…

The Guardian: A life in writing: Terry Pratchett.

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Guest Post by Rob Siders of 52 Novels.

io9: 10 Words You Might Think Came from Science (But Are Really From Science Fiction

) and MIT’s Technology Review publishes a special science fiction issue about the future.

Patricia C. Wrede: After the Writing.

Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week: Collateral damage of the non-open reviewing boycott.

Twenty Palaces: Why does realism matter?

Write it Forward: What Does It Take To Succeed in Self-Publishing?

WWJTD: The Beginning.


Women’s Issues

Man Boobz: MRAs cheer on the Seal Beach shooter: “Women are much more likely to pay attention when they’re being threatened.”

GeekOut: ‘Dammit Liz’ went to Geek Girl Con (and it was worth it).

Jezebel: Six Myths About Sex And Gender, Busted.

SFGate: OB/GYN’s solar suitcase saves lives in poor nations.

JAYFK: Woman finds doing math relatively easy.

Almost Diamonds: Why “No Means No”.

XX Factor: Men Aren’t Funnier Than Women, but We’ll Keep Pretending They Are.

BlogHer: The Girl Who Was Too Cool for Birth Control.

Crude Matter: Girlybits 101, now with fewer scary parts!

Skepchick: XOJane’s Cat Marnell: Performance Art or Gross Idiocy?

Context and Variation: Ladybusiness justice, and why Plan B shouldn’t be your only birth control.

Neurotic Physiology: XO Jane’s Health Editor…are you playing with me?

Feministe: Steven Greenstreet proves he’s definitely not a misogynist by making rape jokes.

Pandagon: Speaking out about OWS sexual harassment.

AAUW Dialog: The Hormones Made Her Do It.


Atheism and Religion

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: Real Historian Eviscerates Barton Book and Dominionists Try to Hide Their Agenda.

Scientific American: The Real Science behind Scientology.

Rock Beyond Belief: Penn Jillette misses the point about Atheists and the Chaplaincy.

Mother Jones: America’s Atheist Warriors.

The Guardian: Why I refuse to debate with William Lane Craig.

Stupid Evil Bastard: Jesus Ween – Once again some Christians try to take the fun out of something popular.

Almost Diamonds: Taking It Downhill.

Digital Cuttlefish: Are Evangelicals Dangerous? A Response.

Greta Christina: Religion Relies on Social Consent.


Mother Jones: Perry Officials Censored Climate Change Report.

Mike the Mad Biologist: Just Go Galt Already, Will You?

AlterNet: It’s 2011 — Why Is God Still Involved In American Politics?

Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub: Because Obama opposes them, Limbaugh endorses terrorists and murderers.

Paul Krugman: Rabbit-Hole Economics.

Science Insider: Ron Paul Would Erase Billions in Research Spending.

McClatchy: Commentary: How to explain Herman Cain.


Society and Culture

Lousy Canuck: Unpacking the Astrology Vs Computers lawsuit.

The Crommunist Manifesto: Canada’s hate speech laws collide with reality.

Cnet: Bad Siri! She’ll let anyone use a locked iPhone 4S.

Contrary Brin: Was 1957 America Better Than Today? (An Outright Rant!) .

The Mary Sue: Kathleen Jennings Proves There Is No Classic Work of Literature That Cannot Be Improved By the Insertion of a Dalek.

Scruffymutt’s Posterous: How To Ruin Someone’s Life For No Good Reason.

Pam’s House Blend: Catholic Church is overstepping its bounds against marriage equality in Minnesota.

The Lay Scientist: Why did the BBC broadcast a clip comparing sex education teachers to paedophiles?

Los Links 10/21
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