Donor's Choose: Mere Hours

Thanks to several generous donors, one amazingly so, we’ve funded Mr. Minkler’s field trip to Great Basin National Park. I expected that one to take us to the 11th hour, but I should have known you lot wouldn’t leave it so long. You’re beyond awesome, you are!

I had to scramble to find another project during my lunch hour, just in case there were folks who’d been waiting for payday for their shot at some good deeds plus swag. I found a beaut. Mrs. O’s after a stream table. Stream table! If you’ve never seen a stream table in action, head over to Riparian Rap and discover how immensely fun they are. I wish we’d had a stream table in school! And I’m loving this project description:

My Students: “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality.” Albert Einstein

This is the mantra by which my students seem to live by. I teach in a college prep school that serves those who are traditionally under-served and marginalized in education. Over 90 percent qualify for the free – and reduced-meal program.

As Albert Einstein stated, the most important thing is not to stop questioning. I want to continue to cultivate this curiosity in the classroom.

My Project: From physics to geology, my students’ minds are always working! Every day in my fifth grade science classroom, questions arise and curiosity peaks. My students are hungry for science knowledge. In an effort to expand their knowledge of how the world works, we need hand on resources!

When science comes alive, students deeply engage to learn more about the world around them. By using a stream table students will see first hand how erosion occurs and how the world around them is formed. With a detailed world map they better be able to visualize geographically the climate regions we learn about in class. With interactive games and kits students will experience science being fun and engaging.

In a time when scientists are needed more than ever, these activities will inspire the scientists within each of my students. This will help to build the scientific leaders of our future!

I’ll confess, I only saw the words “stream table” and merely skimmed the description before adding the project and rushing back to work, but now I’ve had time to read up properly, I’m all the more in love with this one.

So there ye go: a little something wonderful for those late to the donor party. We’ve got until midnight Eastern time tonight to earn matching funds, which we can then put toward any projects that catch our fancy. If you’ve been holding back, but want to get involved, now’s the time. Whether it’s Mrs. O’s project, or one of my other Freethought Bloggers’ choices, or even one of the other blogging networks involved in the Science Bloggers for Students challenge, it doesn’t matter – they all qualify.

I want to take a moment to talk about the competition aspect of this, because you guys have done something incredible. The patrons of this cantina, this small but select crowd, have put En Tequila Es Verdad in third place overall. Who’s beating us? Pharyngula, at $15,131, and Bad Astronomy, at $5,497.

Take a moment to absorb this. It took the single most popular atheist/science blogger on the entire internet, and a popular astronomer who’s also a teevee star and author, to beat us.

That. Is. Amazing. You, my darlings, are bloody incredible.

DrugMonkey’s just a few lengths behind us at $2,055. Together, we pwn Phil Plait, so I’m choosing to view us as an unofficial team. If we get the rest of the Scientopia and Freethought Bloggers to sign on to this idea, we can chant “We’re Number One!” or, possibly, “¡Somos el número uno!” if Google Translate isn’t completely wrong and everybody’s consumed enough celebratory margaritas.

One thing’s for sure: this cantina’s done one hell of a job for those kids. And you’re still doing it. We’re bringing the hammer down.

I’m so damned proud of you right now!

Now, those of you who haven’t donated but meant to, head over to my challenge page and make wonderful things happen. We’ve got a stream table to buy. And there’s more projects we can select, if you all go crazy and finish this one early but are still eager for more. Just tell me in comments what you want to support, and I can add it.

Maybe, just maybe, we can make Plait’s pate shiny with sweat.

And then I shall stop pestering you for money, until next year, when we’re likely doing this all over again.

***For those who asked how much they have to donate in order to win that short story from me, the number to beat is $410.73. If you can best that, fantastic! But don’t beggar yourself to do it – there’s still plenty of other swag, including poems, if you want something personally written by me.***

Donor's Choose: Mere Hours
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    I hope this isn’t too late but…

    I am an elementary school ESL and third grade teacher. I am a member of the Sally Ride Academy and am very actively promoting STEM education and careers to the elementary school students with whom I work.

    I am writing to ask for your consideration of a project I have live on to obtain an iPad2 for my students. While the primary goal of this project is mathematics, the iPad2 will also directly support science instruction (as well as reading literacy skills, social studies – well pretty much everything!)

    I know this is a late request but I just saw this today. Any help that your readers or bloggers could give would be very much appreciated. My school is Title 1 and about 82% of the students receive free or reduced lunch. For many students, using great tools like the iPad2 is dependent on being able to do so at school. I’m not afraid to ask for help in support of their education. I’ve had more than 14 projects funded on Donorschoose and I assure you that students are using these resources on a daily basis!

    If you are able to help in any amount please visit my giving page at http://donors

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Matt Tosiello
    Grade 3 and ESOL Teacher
    Randolph Elementary School
    Arlington, Virginia

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