Donors Choose: Matching Donations and a Thank You Video

Just a quick word before this beautiful thank you from Ms. Davis: you’ve got a chance to earn some extra donation cash from the Donors Choose Board of Directors, if you donate between midnight EST October 20th and the end of the challenge at one minute to midnight October 22nd. Yeah, that’s in addition to my snazzy incentives! Stay tuned after the video for details.

I got an email from Anna at Donors Choose:

Science Bloggers –

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Mayen Davis, a middle school Science Teacher at a high poverty school in Queens.

Her project, “Women and Hands-on Science” was recently funded through Dana Hunter’s Freethought Blogs Challenge. She recorded this video message of thanks to let you all know how the project you’ve completed will help her students understand science.

Ms. Davis is just one of the dozens of teachers you have helped over the past three weeks. I hope you’ll see, as I did, the immense gratitude teachers feel when individuals like you support their efforts in the classroom.



Ms. Mayan Davis was one of the very first teachers you all funded. She’s got her stuff, and she demonstrates it whilst thanking you for making it happen:

That’s what you made possible.

So far, so wonderful – and it gets better! I got another email from the Donors Choose folks, and they’ve got a very generous offer for us:

Hi Bloggers,

Congratulations on an impressive 2.5 weeks of bringing resources to more than 8,000 students through Science Bloggers for Students.

The Board of Directors wants to thank you for your hard work, and to encourage readers to give, by matching all donations to Science Bloggers for Students between the first moment of Thursday October 20th and the last moment of Saturday, October 22nd (midnight to midnight Eastern time). 

If you were involved in last year’s campaign, the match will work the same way the HP match did:

-At the end of the three day period, all dollars donated will be totaled, and the Board of Directors will match those dollars.

-The number of dollars will be divided by the number of people who donated, and gift codes will be issued to every donor (via e-mail) for an equal share of the matching dollars. So, if 100 people donate $10,000, each donor will receive a $100 gift code.

-Individuals will, in turn, have the chance to apply the funds to whatever classroom project they choose.

If you have any questions about the logistics of the match, please direct them to Anna at ([email protected]).

Thanks for all your hard work to help students get the materials they need. Let’s finish strong to ensure that even more students have science materials in their classrooms.



How much of a difference can we make with that kind of match, eh? Let’s get it going! Large donation, small donation, it doesn’t matter – get thee to my giving page. Let’s get Mr. Minkler’s class to Great Basin National Park, and then see how many other students we can reach with the extra matching fundage! And remember, even small donations can add up in a hurry.

And who knows? Maybe the field trippers will send us a video!

Donors Choose: Matching Donations and a Thank You Video
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