Donors Choose: Who Rocks? You Rock!

So, this morning, I get this note from Ms. C:

“Dear Dana,

Thank you for including my project in your blog; I can’t believe how fast I am getting funded. I love bringing science into the library. I love collecting rocks in Utah, but my metamorphic section is very weak. I am so close to getting my rocks and other supplies! Thanks again to you and your blog followers.”

That was at 7:39am Pacific. At 8:11am, an anonymous donor plunked down $50, and by 8:56am, Jessica Ball at Magma Cum Laude had fixed them up with the rest.

Bam. Project funded, justlikethat.

And then, at 5:26pm, another of my marvelous readers funded Exploring the Wonders of Nevada. Another one done!

You, my darlings, never cease to amaze me.

That leaves just one. One. Discovering the Wonders of Nevada, as of this writing, needs a mere $996. And it’s not even payday. And the five-and-dimers haven’t even weighed in yet. And I’m in for at least $150.* Who’s gonna be the next $50 or more donor and ensure I’m in for $200? My direct deposit hits at midnight on Thursday. Are you lot gonna beat me to it, force me to seek out other projects to give my matching contribution to? I wouldn’t be surprised at this point! And I wouldn’t mind in the least. The more kids funded, the better for science education.

Get thee to my challenge page and toss your coinage in. Whatever you can spare. The amounts don’t have to make my eyes pop, although I admit that’s a nice effect. The thing is, though, if less than one-third of you gave a mere $10 each, we’d have this field trip funded by the end of the day.

I know we can do this. We are that damned good.

We got more lovely notes from teachers, and I’ll refresh you on incentives, below the fold here.

Ms. C. wrote us a thank-you right after you finished funding her project:

Thank you for your generous donations! You have given me the materials that I need to make geology come to life in the library. Students will use these supplies for years to come. Plus, the individual rock identification books will provide support for classroom teachers to take students on a real rock hunt.

Thanks again, you all ROCK!

With gratitude,
Ms. C

And then we got one from Mrs. D:

Thank you so much for your generous donation to Science Rocks! My fourth and fifth graders are motivated and excited about hands-on science and they will absolutely love this unit on rocks. Because of you, we will have all the specialized science supplies we need for the labs. I’m especially excited about having the safety goggles and rock samples. All the science supplies will be used year after year in my highly capable classroom.
With gratitude,
Mrs. D

We made a difference, people. Bask in that for a little while.

And bask in these incentives:

1. I’ll write a short story for the highest donor. You can even choose the subject, if you like, and you’ll get a paper copy complete with autograph, if you wish. You’ll have to give me until the end of the year, because I’m stupid enough to try NaNo this November, but I’ll have it written and sent to you in January. Yes, I will haul my arse to the hated post office just for you.

2. The second-highest donor will get a personally-collected hand sample. That’s right! I’ll post a list of places I’m going this summer (once I know what they are!), and you tell me what hunk o’ beautiful geology you want me to package up and mail to you.

3. I’ll match 4 (count them, 4) donations of $50. So you $50 folk get to double your money! Don’t let that stop you from donating more, of course! And if you guys manage to fund these projects before I can whip my credit card out, you can each pick a project of your own for me to donate to.

4. Starving Students Offer: Those of you too strapped for cash to manage more than small donations can still get a little something! Send me an email telling me what you’re studying, why you chose your major, and why you donated, and I’ll showcase you guys on the site. Plus, I’ll write a poem for the person whose note makes me punch the air and shout, “Yes! Science can haz future!” Same caveats apply as the short story deal.

5. I’ve also got some super-snazzy Mount St. Helens posters, so all who have donated to any of our projects and want their names in for that have a chance at winning one of Mother Earth’s great works of art. Yahoo knows me as dhunterauthor.

Saturday’s three days away. We can do this thing.

Donors Choose: Who Rocks? You Rock!
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