Donors Choose: Let's Make it Four for Four – and One More!

I’ve got a delightful note here from Mrs. M in Renton, thanking all the folks who put science in her kids’ hands:

Dear Olga Vaughan, Mike Myszka, Sylvia, Anne, Patricia Poad, Joseph Tsang, Karin Hills, Rae Gerking, Lynn Gerking, Emily Henry, Chrissy Frashefski, Ryan Knowle, Megan Strom, Lauren Strom, Colette Breshears, CenturyLink, The Team and Anonymous Donors, 

Let me begin by saying, YOU ALL ROCK! I cannot fully express my gratitude for the generosity you have shown. My students will be thrilled when I make the announcement at school tomorrow. I am a believer that students learn by doing. I especially think this is true when they study topics that are innately interesting, like the world around them. The materials you have donated will give students the opportunity to touch, see, smell, and investigate rocks and minerals they may have never before explored. The books donated will open up a geological world of knowledge students may be seeing for the first time. Thank you so much for supporting hands-on science learning and for providing my students the opportunity to learn more about our amazing Earth.With gratitude,
Mrs. M

Warms you right down to the ground, doesn’t it just?

And, thanks to two incredibly generous anonymous donors, we’ve only got $193 left on Mrs. D’s Science Rocks! project. You guys made me cry at work today! Happy tears, mind you, with a touch of squee. You just made it much more likely Mrs. D’s kids will get their project funded!

I think we can do that. In fact, I’m so certain we can do that, I’m putting up Silver Fox’s selection before we’ve even finished. We can totally fund these two projects!

Ms. C’s kids need your help:

My Students: My students have few opportunities to do science research in the field. Utah is a geology gem, and I wish more of my students could discover the beautiful rocks that tell our state’s geological history.

My students come from diverse cultures and speak a variety of different languages. The majority of the students face economic challenges. The Title I school is located in an urban environment with few opportunities to experience nature. My students love learning and enjoy reading science books in the library.

My Project: Fourth grade students are involved in a four week daily geology research project in the library. The librarian and classroom teacher collaborate and teach science and research skills to the students.

The metamorphic rock samples will add the missing pieces to our rock/fossil collection. Hand magnifying glasses will allow the students to see all the grains and textures that are found in individual rocks. The field guides will be used during a “hands-on” rock lab to identify and study the different rock types. The other geology books will provide other information that will support our research.

The is a chance for students to connect science and research skills. By using real rocks, students can touch and explore the different rock types before digging into the reading research. The rock lab will provide prior knowledge so students can have a better understanding while reading science text.

The finished informational rock pamphlet will let students showcase their new knowledge and use technology skills to incorporate photos of the actual rocks that they studied.

Awesome, yes? And here’s even more awesome: the first two people to donate $50 or more to either of these projects will get a $50 matching donation to that project from me.

Let’s give these kids some geology, my darlings!

Donors Choose: Let's Make it Four for Four – and One More!
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