Donors Choose: Now You Get to Choose!

So far, so awesome: 3 of 4 projects funded. ¡Gracias, mis amigos! You’ve done a fantastic job, and put science in the hands of 216 students. Not bad at all!

But now’s no time to rest on our laurels.

Mrs. Dye’s Science Rocks project could still use your help. Head over to this page to show her students some love.

And then, because we’re not stopping there, head over here and pick a project or two you’d like to see added to my list. Put ’em in the comments. On Thursday morning, I’ll tally the votes and add the projects that inspired you the most to our challenge page.

That’s right. Our page. Because we’re all making it happen.

Think we can reach a thousand kids by the end of this? I believe we can. Let’s make it so!

Donors Choose: Now You Get to Choose!

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