Donors Choose: We're Rocking It!

Well, of course we are, we’re lovers of geology.

You, my darlings, have been remarkable. Two days in, and you’ve already got two projects funded. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you!

The teachers have sent you all lovely thank-you notes, and I shall post them here:

Project 1: Women and Hands-on Science. Funded!

Dear Karen, Mayen Davis, Anne, Yahoo! and The Team, 

My students and I would like to thank you again for your donations to our science education. I have already told them about the donations and they are ecstatic. I believe that with the right tools we can teach our young girls that education is the key that will open many doors for them in the future. Many of the girls are convinced that science just isn’t fun. With these materials, I can show them just how fun and exciting science can be and possibly spark new ideas for their future careers!Thank you again. You are making a difference in the lives of these girls.

With gratitude,
Ms. D

You see what a difference you’ve made, there? These are young women who are about to discover what we already know: that science is incredible good fun. You’ve just given them a key to the wonders of the world.

Project 3: Geology Rocks! Funded!

Dear Andrea McCormick, Mrs. Patten,, Maureen Ilg, Nora, Joe and The Team, 

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your generous donations. The Geology Centers and activities will have a significant impact on my students. We now have the opportunity to have more interactive and engaging lessons.

I plan to use the geology kits to help students identify the three main rock types, how they are formed and the characteristics of each. The center activities will allow the students to explore geology concepts independently and reinforce what they are learning in class.

I can’t wait to show my students the rock samples and get started on some hands-on experiments and projects!

With gratitude,
Ms. B

You’ve just got some young hands on science, my darlings!

We still have two projects to fund:

Project 2: Science Rocks! $303 to go

Project #4: Rock Out: Learning About Rocks, Minerals and Geology. $254 to go

The way you lot are going, I don’t imagine it’ll take you long. Let’s do this thing!

Now, you might have noticed by now that the menfolk are vastly outnumbered by the womenfolk in the donation department. You, there, you with the Y chromosome. Yes, you! Step up and represent. Let’s get some equality going here!

Donors Choose: We're Rocking It!

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    If you are looking for a worthwhile project to donate to, please take a look at our project:

    We are looking to get a document reader in our chemistry class! The school has a 1.6% proficiency for math, 12.4% for english. 77% of the student body is on free or reduced-price lunch. This year, we’re looking to turn things around by making the learning more visual for abstract topics found in chem! We really appreciate your donations and thank you! :)

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