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Regulars can skip this bit and get on with the links – as usual, I’ve loaded ye down with far too much awesome stuff.

Right, then, my dear new patrons of the cantina: Welcome to Los Links! The more detail-oriented among you might be howling about the date, but I assure you it’s correct. Los Links is a collection of bloggage and newsage that caught my eye from the past week. I stop collecting on Friday, and spend my weekend in frantic assembly, then present you my findings every Monday.

I wish I could provide a capsule description of each link, but that turned out to make this a monstrous task. I’ll happily go back to ye olden days when I could include a clever sentence or so for each and every link if some rich bugger in the audience would be so kind as to set me up with a trust fund. If I could quit my day job, I’d have plenty of time for the several books I’m writing, the blog, research for the blog, research for the books, the cat, geological outings, Doctor Who, Twitter, my poor neglected friends, and a sweet capsule sentence with each link. Rich buggers wishing to bequeath me some fundage can apply in the comments. You don’t have to be filthy rich, merely fabulously rich. My needs are modest.

Even without a wealthy patron, I do have time to break links up into useful categories, so if you’ve a particular area of interest, you should be able to find what you’re looking for relatively quickly. Hot topics that swept the intertoobz but probably won’t become enduring categories are at the top. Items I particularly want to impress upon you are in bold, but that’s not to say you should read only those. If it’s here, whether it’s bold or not, it’s something worth reading.

And before you go telling me how awesomely good I am at finding interesting stuff, please note: it’s all down to the folks I follow on Twitter. Thanks properly belong to them.

Right. Let’s get on with Los Links, then, shall we?


XKCD: Neutrinos.


Notes and Theories: Faster than light story highlights the difference between science and religion.

Facebook Makeover

Slate: Not Sharing Is Caring.

Real Dan: All of life has been utterly, profoundly changed thanks to Facebook’s new features, and nothing will ever be the same, and all I can do is sit here and weep at the beauty and magic that Mark Zuckerberg has brought to this world.

CNET: Five things to know about the new Facebook.

Lifehacker: Facebook Is Tracking Your Every Move on the Web; Here’s How to Stop It.

The Guardian: Why Facebook’s new Open Graph makes us all part of the web underclass.

Occupy Wall Street

The X Blog: NYC Police acting like brown shirted Nazi thugs.

The Guardian: Wall Street protests reveal slice of America’s barely tamed brutality.

The Nation: Correcting the Abysmal ‘New York Times’ Coverage of Occupy Wall Street.

Starfire Fiasco

Io9: A 7-year-old girl responds to DC Comics’ sexed-up reboot of Starfire.

Shortpacked: Math.


Scientific American: The Elements Revealed: An Interactive Periodic Table.

Krulwich Wonders: The Toughest Little Bird You’ve Never Heard Of.

Denison Geoblog: GEOS 211: The Uncovering of Quartz from Submerged Archaeological Sites.

Neurotic Physiology: Friday Weird Science: The Sexiness of Stubble.

MSNBC: Rumbling Indonesian Volcano Not Likely to Repeat Deadly Blast.

Brain Pickings: Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”: A Neuroscience Reading.

Idiot Tracker: Mark Lynas gets Jared Diamond wrong.

Mark Lynas: The myths of Easter Island – Jared Diamond responds.

Bobbie-the-Jean: 50 Reasons I Reject Evolution SATIRE.

Uncovered Earth: Take a Hike: Wind Mountain, Sunday Science Photos, September 11 – 24 and Where the Mundane is Anything But.

Highly Allochthonous: Scenic Saturday: Lyme Regis.

Boing Boing: Science museums are failing grown-ups.

Got the Time: Glacial Feature: Cirques.

The Frontal Cortex: The Necessity of Funding Failure.

Georneys: Geology Word of the Week: Q is for Quarry.

Looking for Detachment: Field Trip Report: Locked Out while Looking at Breccia.

NPR: Neurosurgeon Gives Thanks To His Science Teacher.

New Scientist: Groundwater greed driving sea level rises.

Lousy Canuck: Are all astrologers fated by the stars to be douches?

Measure of Doubt: Reflections on pain, from the burn unit.

Scientific American: Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: Don’t Decide Before You Decide.

Per Square Mile: Ghosts of geography.

Not Exactly Rocket Science: How the miracle fruit changes sour into sweet and If you see a glowing millipede, best not to bite it.

Action-Reaction: Pseudoteaching: MIT Physics.

Boulder Daily Camera: Science from Boulder County’s Fourmile Fire: ‘What seems to be a tragedy can also be an opportunity’.

The Curious Wavefunction: The flame of life and death: My favorite (insufferable) chemical reaction.

The Scicurious Brain: I may not know where I’m going, but I always know where I’ve been.

Discover Magazine: How Pig Guts Became the Next Bright Hope for Regenerating Human Limbs.

Eruptions: Welcome to Eruptions 4.0! and Tambora: Why the Volcano Won’t Kill Us All (at Least Not Yet).

Glacial Till: Meteorite Monday: A glimpse into my research.

I Heart the Road: The Chemist Who Hardly Was and the Chemical Reaction that Actually Wasn’t.

Inside Higher Ed: Family-Friendly Science.

Science Sushi: Social Media for Scientists Part 1: It’s Our Job.

Bad Astronomy: The pressure of living on a spinning planet.

Scientific American: The Neuroscience of Beauty.

USGS: FAQs About Studying and Working on Volcanoes.

Respectful Insolence: Acupuncture works for polycystic ovary syndrome except when it doesn’t–which is always.

National Geographic: Hothouse Earth.

Clastic Detritus: Best Scientific Abstract I’ve Read in a Long Time.

New Scientist: Rat cyborg gets digital cerebellum.

Not Necessarily Geology: A trip to a Mississippian reef.

Wired Science: Prehistoric Colors Preserved in Near-Perfect Beetle Fossils.

Planetary Society: Sagan and Snooki.

Geological Society of London Blog: Filming on location – Etna, Stromboli and smelly tshirts…


FEARnet: Short Stories as eBooks: A Discussion with Joe Konrath, Dean Wesley Smith, Blake Crouch, Scott Nicholson, and David Gaughran.

Introverted Wife: All Hallows Read.

The Daily What: Passive-Aggressive Note of the Day.

Del-Fi: Open Access Is Infrastructure, Not Religion.

Writer Unboxed: A Checklist for Marketing Your E-Book.

The Passive Voice: The Bloated eBook File.

Nieman Journalism Lab: David Skok: Why we need to separate our stories from our storytelling tools.

Christopher Edge: It Was Twenty-Two Years Ago Today.

Nathan Bransford: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Using Contradictions to Develop Character.

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Ebooks A La Carte.

Bob Mayer’s Blog: Pay The Writer.

Jane Friedman: Where to Find Free Market Listings.

45 Degrees Off: Graphic Novels Keep a Disabled Marine Reading.

A Brain Scientist’s Take on Writing: Revision Adventures: Building Strong Characters and Emotional Depth.

Deep Sea News: Getting on the same page with Science Journalists.

Religion and Atheism

New Statesman: The Rise Of Dominionism.

Greta Christina’s Blog: Should Atheists Have Lots of Kids?

Washington Post: Atheism on the upswing in America.

The Express Tribune: Girl accused of blasphemy for a spelling error.

Lousy Canuck: Please confuse the children of Family Values parents and Exorcism: what’s the harm?

The Lay Scientist: How the BBC’s dark forces of political correctness threaten the Christian era.

IttyBiz: Sometimes The Bad Guys Win.

Research Digest: For Christians, Dawkins and the Qur’an leave a bad taste in the mouth, literally.

Butterflies and Wheels: It was torture.

The Atlantic: Refusing to Kill Daughter, Pakistani Family Defies Tradition, Draws Anger.

Women’s Issues

Resisting the Milieu: Letter from an Abortion Clinic Escort: Pt 1- A Day in the Life of an Escort.

The X Blog: Berkeley Campus Republicans: Native American Women are the Lowest Form of Life.

Almost Diamonds: Those Damned Lesbian Terrorists.

Gawker: How a 14-Year-Old Girl Became an Unwilling Internet Pin-Up.

Butterflies and Wheels: An ill-afforded loss and Everywhere is porous.

NYT Sunday Review: Where Abortion Rights Are Disappearing.

Feministing: A character on Grey’s Anatomy had an abortion.

The Atlantic Wire: Your Daughter’s Science Role Model: A Cartoon Space Chimp.

Slate: Orgasm Guaranteed.

Skepchick: Mom, Don’t Read This.

Pharyngula: Atheism has a sexism problem.


Patient POV: Confused About What Health Reform Has to Offer: Sept. 23rd Marks One Year with New Patient Protections.

Grist: No, the EPA is NOT expanding 1,350 percent.

Bad Astronomy: Erasing false balance: the right is more antiscience than the left.

Salon: Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control.

CNN: Stupid voters enable broken government.

Issuepedia: Job creator.

Society and Culture

EarthSky: Measles on the rise in the US, worldwide.

Legal Nomads: What does Off the Beaten Path Really Mean?

Gizmodo: The Soup That Is Killing the Ocean (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT).

GeoSelim: Innovate Libya Crisis Map.

Cross-Check: History Suggests the U.S. Will Ban the Death Penalty Soon. Why Not Now?

Almost Diamonds: When We Half Understand Poverty.

Agile: Four days of oil.

FIRE: ‘Firefly’ and Anti-Fascism Posters Get Professor Threatened with Criminal Charges on University of Wisconsin Campus.

The Atlantic Cities: Why Your Cell Phone Drops Calls in Dense Cities.

CNN: Engineers to rappel down Washington Monument.

Deep-Sea News: PETA, Still Consistent in Being Idiots.

Decrepit Old Fool: Security Theater in science fiction, 1956 edition.

Compound Eye: Lighting a landscape photograph, pre-photoshop.

Observations: Getting People to Kick the Cigarette Habit Pays Much More Than Tobacco Taxes–and Quickly.

Los Links 9/30

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