RCPM for Beginners

Right. So I’m meant to be doing a crap-ton of work tonight, but to hell with that for the moment. I’ve got a bottle of Roger Clyne’s own Mexican Moonshine that’s been sadly neglected, and some of you haven’t experienced the Peacemakers. This is not to be borne. So let’s have some official cantina videos, then, shall we?

This is one of their signature songs, Jack vs. José. I wish I could find a better copy, but it gets the point across and includes all of the relevant bits:

Note the traditions: taking tequila shots from the audience and borrowing a straw hat. That’s my Peacemakers. And when you see it live, it is magic. Simply that. For a taste of what it’s like and a glimpse of my Peacemakers tattoo, see here.

This next video was posted by Sithrazer, and is very much my sort o’ thing. Most of my music is actually metal from Nordic lands. This one has the special distinction of being a Finnish metal song that involves Mexico and tequila. I had no idea such a thing existed, and I am loving it:

Delicious! And Suzanne got us a bottle of Resposado, so we are set. This is why I loves me my Suzanne, amigos. She is just that awesome. Between her and Sithrazer, I am in singing sweet shape.

So this is me, my darlings, raising my glass to all of you and saying, “Salud!


RCPM for Beginners

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    raising shotglass and tapping the rim of dana’s glass, then tapping the bottoms together, then the middle and saying:

    i’m not above ya *Tap*
    i’m not below ya *Tap*
    i’m right with ya *Tap*

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    I can’t tell you how excited I am to have a fellow Peacemaker here. I put a live video in my introductory post this morning too. I have the same problem explaining them to people because, as you said, it’s just not something you can get unless you see them live. You just have to drag them to a show and say “trust me, you’re gonna love it.” And they will. I discovered them about 11 years ago when a buddy of mine bought a bar and two Refreshments CDs were on the jukebox (the Refreshments were sort of the original name; after a founding member left, they became RCPM). The song Jack vs. Jose immediately became the theme song for the bar and when they came to Michigan in 2001, we all went to the show, had a blast and we were all hooked. And as usual, I was the only sober one there (I rarely drink, even tequila — I know, major sin for an RCPM fan!). I also don’t wear a straw cowboy hat, though I did once wear the biggest sombrero you’ve ever seen to a show. My favorite, by the way, was the viking helmet from a Circus Mexicus show that someone passed up to them.

    To continue on the tequila theme, and to give your readers a sense of an RCPM show, I went to a show at The Ark in Ann Arbor about 2 years ago (it was Jim Dalton’s first tour with them on guitar), a private club that only serves beer and wine. So after the third song, Roger asks the audience, “Does this place sell tequila?” And the crowd shouts back, “No!” And Roger says, “Okay, who brought the contraband?” About 40 bottles of tequila started making their way to the stage, passed from person to person. I must have been the only one there who didn’t smuggle in a flask or a bottle. And then they launched immediately into the song Contraband. I honestly don’t know how Roger stays the least bit sober on stage with all the shots he drinks that people send up to him. Hell, maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he just performs better when he’s drunk.

    The bottom line is that this is just a magical band. Their live shows are like a celebration of our shared humanity, but not in that ridiculous “Up With People” kinda way — in a “pull up a bar stool, the next round’s on me while you tell us all your stories” kinda way.

    Anyway, I am practically giddy about having you here. And as a cynical prick who rarely gets giddy about anything, that’s rather disconcerting to me. So flip a coin, fellow Peacemaker; heads I tell the truth and tails I lie.

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    Welcome to the new digs.

    Since Ed already gushed about the Peacemakers I won’t add to that, but will say you need to check out some more Korpiklaani if you haven’t already. I hadn’t seen that particular one before, but seems to fit along with their song about my preferred drink – Beer Beer. And while looking for that I also discovered the video for Wooden Pints, which I definitely felt the need to share

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    What Ed said, people. Someday, when you’re older, I’ll tell you all the story of a black metal enthusiast with no desire for children became a fan and conspired to be the surrogate mother so her straight friend and gay friend could have Roger’s babies.

    Yeah. They’re that good.

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    I moved to Tempe AZ in 1994 and started to follow Roger when he was in the Refreshments. They soon became my favorite band I was sadden by their breakup and was overjoyed when he formed the Peacemakers. I catch them whenever they are in town. I’d love to meet up with you and Ed Circus Mexicus when I can afford to go again.

    Shameless plug, if you’re on RCPM store, Peacetime Goods, my friend, whose a blacksmith hand makes the trailer hitches on sell there.

    Here’s to life!

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    Damn it, now I wish I’d bought a truck! Might buy a trailer hitch anyway. ;-)

    We are so totally kidnapping Ed and heading to Mexico one o’ these years. I’ll work on that filthy-rich-and-famous thing so we can do it. I miss the Mexico shows so much. Pretty much the only thing that sucks about leaving AZ is having so little RCPM… okay, and I do miss the geology, too.

    Salud, mi amigo!

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    What’s his name and the Peacemakers are okay, I guess. Everyone, i.e., Dana and Ed, says they’re better live so maybe they’re more than just decent, at least live. Certainly the Dropkick Murphys (“Barroom Hero”) are better live than on video.

    However, since I’m a folkie perhaps I don’t really appreciate the RCMP RCPM. I’d rather listen to Robbie O’Connell singing “Killkelly” or Mary Black, Emmylou Harris & Delores Keene singing “The Grey Funnel Line” or the late, great Stan Rogers singing “Canol Road.” But that’s just me.

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    RCPM shows are what makes their fans fanatical about them. Imagine a giant sing-a-long and drinking fest with hundreds or thousands of your best friends. Several years ago at their annual concert in Rocky Pointe, Mexico, Circus Mexicus their sound system give out half way through the song “Mexican Moonshine.” We kept singing it to the end why they frantically tried to get their sound back up. All-in-all a great show and time.

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