A Bloodbath, Not a Massacre

Because if it was a massacre, Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell would’ve ended up added to our list of national embarrassments.  As it is, we just have to worry about John “Agent Orange” Boehner parading around as Speaker of the House for the next two years.  Anyone know where I can get airsick bags in bulk?

Great job, America.  I do hope you enjoy the endless round of idiocy leading to the next Great Recession the lackwit majority of you voted for.  Those of you who don’t pay attention to politics might not realize what voting for Cons does, but you’d think all those episodes of CSI would’ve taught you that arsonists aren’t so much interested in setting backfires, but pouring gasoline on the conflagration.

At least I know the majority of my readers are smart enough not to give them matches.  You, my darlings, are my only consolation.  Well, you and endless episodes of House.  Which I am now going back to, as I haven’t enough alcohol handy to ease the annoyance.  It’s too bad.  I should’ve had a glass of something good handy with which to toast Blanche Lincoln’s loss – my other consolation, as she’s the one Senate Dem up for reelection this year whose unceremonious asskicking I can wholeheartedly applaud.  Her loss is our definite gain.

I shall leave you all with the wise words of Phoebes-in-Santa-Fe:

Okay, so we mourn our losses tonight and we get back to work tomorrow. 

Indeed we do.

A Bloodbath, Not a Massacre

5 thoughts on “A Bloodbath, Not a Massacre

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    Well, Dana, my passionate one, at least the over all vote yesterday was not a refutation of the true Left. Check out Glenn Greenwald's column here for more detail on that thesis — and then, please let us know what you think about it!

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    I can tell you without reading that I agree with Glenn Greenwald, Paul S. The people who were turned out were, for the most part, Blue Dogs, with some DLCers thrown in. Feingold lost in WI, but he's never won by a large margin there. Grayson lost in a heavily conservative district in a wave election. Hardly a stinging defeat. It's sad we've lost them, but it's not a refutation of progressives.What this election was is a result of the utter failure of Democrats to do what they were sent to DC to do. They didn't end the wars, get control of the financial sector, or make our lives any easier in the middle of a depression. They just continued to do what the Republicans did. They screwed us, took the money from the corporate interests, and then called us assholes for not supporting them.Those Democrats richly deserved to lose, and many did.As Bill Maher once joked, when America is given the choice of Republican or Republican Lite, they go for the real thing.Maybe next time the Democrats won't try to get ahead by screwing their base. This isn't 1994, and Bill Clinton is retired.

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    In O'Donnell's defense, he turned down offers to become a paid industry lobbiest because he considered such work to be sleazy. The man has some personal integrity.On the other hand, he is dead wrong about the Left.

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