Last Day to Bring Me Yer Treasures

Well, I be gettin’ ahead o’ meself, since I haven’t got much o’ yer booty yet. Be gettin’ those links in to [email protected] by the end o’ the day Friday. I plan to have this ship’s hold full o’ Elitist Bastardry. Don’t make me sail over to yer blog and raid ye, now!

For those o’ ye wondering what ye should submit, here be the simple requirements:

1. Pick a blog post o’ yours that hits the stupid where it hurts.

2. Send it in.

That be it. And I don’t want to hear yer excuses – I been readin’ yer blogs, and I know each and every one o’ ye’s already posted some fine elitist bastardry.

I’ll see ye all aboard come Saturday, or I’ll be boarding ye come Saturday, whichever’s required.

Last Day to Bring Me Yer Treasures

One thought on “Last Day to Bring Me Yer Treasures

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    I can’t see anything on mine I think is worth submitting, and I almost certainly won’t have time to write one (though I’d love to thank the Texas senate and spank Don McLeroy).Do you think there’s anything in my recent posts that fits the carnival?

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