Methinks It's Time to Repeal DADT

In case no one noticed, we’re in the midst of two fucking wars, here. The military’s so desperate they’re letting convicted criminals serve. But they’re still enforcing DADT – WTF?

Rachel Maddow’s introduction of the segment on Lieutenant Colonel Victor J. Fehrenbach last night told a rather remarkable story.

“[Fehrenbach is] an F-15 fighter pilot, 18-year veteran of the United States Air Force,” Rachel explained. “On Sept. 11, Lt. Col. Fehrenbach was picked to be part of the initial alert crew immediately after the 9/11 attacks. The following years, in 2002, he deployed to Kuwait, where he flew combat missions over Afghanistan, attacking Taliban and al Qaeda targets. After the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, Lt. Col. Fehrenbach deployed there, flying combat missions in support of mission Iraqi Freedom.

“Over the span of his career, he has flown 88 combat missions, including missions that were the longest mission sorties in the history of his squadron. He’s logged more than 2,000 flying hours, nearly 1,500 fighting hours, 400 combat hours. Lt. Col. Fehrenbach is also highly decorated — he’s received nine air medals, including one for heroism. After 18 years of active duty in the Air Force, this experienced, decorated fighter pilot says he is ready and willing to deploy again. He’s ready to do what his country and the United States Air Force ask of him.”

Except, Fehrenbach will no longer able to serve, because the Air Force is kicking him out of the military because he’s gay. This genuine American war hero, who’s put his life on the line over and over again, and who the U.S. government has invested $25 million in training, is two years from retirement. Instead of thanking him for his extraordinary service, the country he’s served with honor and distinction is firing him for his sexual orientation.

Just once, I wanted to hear someone explain why the United States is stronger, safer, and more secure with Lt. Col. Fehrenbach out of the military.

So do I.


So if we’re not safer, can we just get the fuck on with repealing this bloody stupid law? Why are we coddling a handful of homophobes? Tell them to grow the fuck up or get the fuck out. And while we’re waiting for the repeal, Obama’s got plenty of options for end-runs around this bullshit. Steve’s got a short rundown at the above link.

It’s not like soldiers like Fehrenbach have to be drummed out. It’s time for Obama to stop pretending there’s no alternative.

Methinks It's Time to Repeal DADT

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    The Air Force seems to be the service most determined to stay in the early Twentieth Century. They’re the ones who keep having problems with Christianists at their service academy, and the ones who seemed to be most enchanted with the idea of “faith based” suicide prevention programs. Ironic when you consider that they’re the ones who are in charge of some of our most modern weapons.

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