No Wonder There's Global Warming

Shorter Joe Barton: Coke has carbon dioxide in it. Polar bears drink Coke. Therefore, carbon dioxide isn’t dangerous. Whee!

Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe Joe Barton wants to win the Most Fucktarded Congressman of the Year award:

Yesterday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee began its markup of the American Clean Energy and Security Act. The work is expected to continue through the week, as Republicans plan to stall movement on the bill by offering more than 400 amendments.

Discussing the bill on C-Span’s Washington Journal this morning, Rep. “Smokey Joe” Barton (R-TX) defended his head-in-the-sand approach to climate change by fundamentally misunderstanding the science, misstating the reality of carbon dioxide emissions, and mocking fuel-efficient cars. Some highlights:

– “I would also point out that CO2, carbon dioxide, is not a pollutant in any normal definition of the term. … I am creating it as I talk to you. It’s in your Coca-Cola, you’re Dr. Pepper, your Perrier water. It is necessary for human life. It is odorless, colorless, tasteless, does not cause cancer, does not cause asthma.”

– “And something that the Democrat sponsors do not point out, a lot of the CO2 that is created in the United States is naturally created. You can’t regulate God. Not even the Democratic majority in the US Congress can regulate God.”

I’m at a loss for words. All I can say is, with reps like this, it’s no wonder we’ve got global warming problems. The burning stupidity alone is enough to raise the Earth’s temperature by at least 1° C.

No Wonder There's Global Warming

2 thoughts on “No Wonder There's Global Warming

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    Too bad we can’t cool down those overheated minds and use the waste heat to generate electricity. We wouldn’t need nuclear power.

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    Dear Fuckwit.Yes you are right. Carbonated drinks do indeed have carbon dioxide in. The clue is in the name CARBONated. And my yes, animals do indeed exhale (that is a grown up word for breath out) CO2. And yes, plants do use it, and exhale oxygen.Unfortunately what your car is emitting is carbon MONOXIDE. This is a naughty chemical. Your body can not get rid of CO the same as it does CO2 (notice there is no 2 o in carbon monoxide? That is because it has only one Oxygen molecule for each carbon one, not the two that carbon DI-oxide has). Carbon monoxide that gets into the blood stream can not be got rid of in the normal way- it blocks up the blood cells that are supposed to carry the oxygen, and will not leave, even if asked nicely. The only way to get rid of it is to wait for that blood cell to die. Poor blood cell.Plants can not use CO. So it hangs around at the top of the atmosphere, and stops heat escaping. This makes the atmosphere heat up.Carbon dioxide can be used by plants. But we are making more of that than the planet can use. That is also trapping heat.NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP, RESIGN, AND GIVE THE JOB TO SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS WHAT THE FUCK THE SCIENTISTS ARE TELLING HIM.

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