Swine Flu Advice and Such

Hilzoy brings us a wonderful guest post by the Ruths Karron and Faden:

At this point, it is impossible to predict whether we are on the brink of an influenza pandemic. The threat is real, however, and governments across the globe are working hard to mitigate the potential impact of swine flu.

This is right and proper. Our government has an obligation to protect the public’s health, which it exercised responsibly by declaring a national public health emergency on Sunday. This declaration is the public face of countless actions that federal, state, and local health authorities are now undertaking on our behalf. But these are not the only actions that will be needed. There are also actions that we as citizens must undertake to minimize the swine flu threat that will help us protect ourselves and our families. These actions are not only prudent; they are a matter of moral and civic responsibility. Just as our government has an obligation to protect the public’s health, we too have an obligation to our country and to our fellow human beings to do our share to minimize the burdens of this influenza outbreak.

What can each of us do?

Their list is simple, sensible, and a perfect way to assuage any panic you might find creeping up on you and yelling “BOO!”

In other news, Michael Steele has shared his own infinite wisdom with us. I’m sorry, did I say wisdom? I meant whining:

Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele defended GOP opposition to pandemic preparedness funding in the stimulus bill in an interview with CNN Tuesday, saying the party had no way of knowing that such a threat might actually materialize. “Did we know this at the time of the vote?” Steele asked. “Don’t come back and make this link six months after the fact … we don’t know what tomorrow holds.”

Really, Michael? We had no way of knowing such a threat might materialize? Do you not know Google-fu?

Apparently not.

Swine Flu Advice and Such

4 thoughts on “Swine Flu Advice and Such

  1. 1

    So… I have to wonder: does Mike the Progressive Conservative consider Steele’s response to be reasonable? I’ll give him a chance to respond before I say my piece…

  2. 3

    Why prepare, George? The stores will always have what we need, and in the meantime that stuff’s just cluttering up our closets.Speaking of which, I need to get rid of a first aid kit and a couple of fire extinguishers.

  3. 4

    $900 million sounds like a shitload of money to me. I guess my first question is why it is considered ‘stimulus’? Even if we agree that we need more funding, is that the right bill to put it in? My next question is, wouldn’t the money be better spent going straight to the CDC? My last question is, who was requesting the funds?(Obviously I don’t know enough about the issue to really have a developed opinion).

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