To My Texas Readers

You have my deepest sympathies, my darlings. Should all the right-wing freaks invade Texas in the hopes of a glorious revolution, I have a couch. And an air mattress. They’re not big, but they’re not surrounded by wingnut lunatics, either. Just one small homicidal cat, who will stop trying to rip your throat out if you wave a vacuum cleaner at her. One will be provided at no cost to you.

You know where to find me if the above items are needed. But there is hope for sanity in Texas, my darlings:

Now, things can be a mite crazy in Texas — the motto of its capital city, after all, is “Keep Austin Weird” — but there’s crazy and then there’s downright stupidly dangerous. And when somebody like Governor Goodhair veers off into catering to the worst instincts and fantasies of the worst persons in possession of voter registration, even tolerant Texans will step forward to call him on it. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Texas state senator Rodney Ellis:

“It was only 12 years ago that Texas had a deadly stand-off with those urging secession. Governor Bush stood up to those fringe elements. I urge Governor Perry to ramp down the rhetoric and state unequivocally — as Governor Bush did in the 1990s — that secession is not only not an option, it isn’t going to be part of the political discussion.

“In the last week, we’ve seen an extremely troubling escalation of rhetoric. Talking about state’s rights, the oppressive hand of the federal government and secession brings up some pretty bad memories in this state. It was not all that long ago that those were the exact words used by those who opposed desegregation and the civil rights movement. The top elected official in the second largest state with our history simply cannot be so loose with his comments. He’s not a radio or cable TV talk show host.”

Ellis isn’t the only prominent Texan outraged by Perry’s playing to the knuckledraggers and playing with fire. State house Democratic leader Jim Dunnam, whose district represents Waco, had some words for the governor as well:

Every Texas elected official takes an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. I take oaths seriously, and that one most of all. And every day during the legislative session we pledge “allegiance” to the flag of the United States.

We even require every public school child to recite the pledge — every day. That is “one nation, under God, indivisible.”


Yesterday, our Governor had the opportunity to disavow anti-American rhetoric of secession. He chose not to, and instead he chose affirm those who believe and actually contemplate that our nation is divisible.

What do I say to my youngest daughter when she asks “why do I recite the pledge every day at school, if our Governor doesn’t believe it?”

Hopefully Gov. Perry simply made a mistake; a mistake I call on him to correct by unequivocally declaring that our nation is one and indivisible, and that talk of secession from the union is thoughtless and reckless.

Perhaps he did not understand that words are important and that talk of secession carries heavy meaning.

You’re not the only sane ones in Texas. Take heart.

To My Texas Readers

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    I might need it. I’m used to murderous kitties, though. Normally we get along as long as it’s understood that them sticking their head into my mouth is a -very- bad idea.Though, all told, the people who joke about kicking Texas out alone are the ones that weird me the hell out. It just bothers me.Either way, it might be Run to the Hills time.

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