Get Out of the Cantina and Go Have Some Coffee

I think my heart sister NP is in the high-energy phase of her pregnancy. Her coffee house is hopping, and she’s got plenty of projects for you to participate in.

April is National Poetry Month (NPM). Care to join the celebration? NP’s making it easy for you:

If you’d like to share a poem, you can email me with the poem, poet, and source, and a few sentences about why you’re sharing the poem. You can send me a link to your NPM posts on your own blog or site and I’ll promote them, as well. If you’d like to send an original poem, please include a few sentences about yourself to serve as a brief bio.

I’ll be doing that in just a few days here. Maybe I’ll even be really cruel to you lot and post a Dana Hunter original.

If you’re poetically inclined, you can participate in NaPoWriMo. This year, they’re not just encouraging you to write a poem a day, but gather sponsors to keep poetry freely flowing through the intertoobz. NP will be happy to give you some exposure by posting links to your poetry. I’m not much of a poet, so I’m giving this one a miss. Still, it’s a fun idea, and for a good cause!

Want some handcrafted love from a professional writer? NP has a pay-it-forward project going. Act fast – there’ll only be five lucky people! I’ll stay out of the running so you have a chance, although I feel like I’m cheating. NP’s already giving me something homemade: a nephew. So, if you lose out over at her place, comment here and get a little something crafty from Dana. I make no warranties as to quality, however.

And, finally, there’s the 100 Books Project:

Andromeda Ramano-Lax, and friend of Moonrat, decided to collect “a list of 100 books that she wants to have read in her life to fill in some of her reading gaps of classics and great contemporary fiction.” She gave herself 5 years to get through the list, and gave herself a 75% passing percentage (meaning if she finishes 75 titles in the 5-year span, she’s accomplished her goal).

Got title suggestions? Send ’em to her! And if you decide to create your own list, let both of us know so we can link you.

It’s nice to think of something other than pollyticks for once, innit? Go have yourselves some fun! I’ll meet you back here later for more fun with stupity.

Get Out of the Cantina and Go Have Some Coffee

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