"You Will Like Him When He's Angry" – Jon Stewart Annihilates Jim Cramer

Steve Benen’s absolutely right. You will like Jon Stewart when he’s angry:

In 2004, Jon Stewart appeared on CNN’s “Crossfire,” and explained that the show was “hurting America.” He wasn’t kidding. The brutal appearance exposed the show as something of a farce; CNN’s executives ended up agreeing with Stewart; and three months later, CNN announced that “Crossfire” was finished.

With that history in mind, CNBC should feel awfully nervous right now.

After a week of back and forth, Stewart had Jim Cramer on “The Daily Show” last night and not only destroyed the “Mad Money” host, but more importantly, exposed CNBC as an embarrassment. By the time the brutal interview was over, one thing was clear: the network has no clothes.

I’m surprised they’re left with any skin.

Jon Stewart’s treated as something as a lightweight because he does a fake news program on a comedy channel. It’s a mistake. He’s one of the sharpest satirists out there. He’s more of a journalist than the vast majority who lay claim to that title on “serious” programs. And, in the finest tradition of the old Irish bards, his satire brings the mighty crashing down. Kings used to tremble in fear when a bard got annoyed with them. Kings who didn’t respect their power lost their thrones. It’s a historical lesson some folks should revisit, because Jon Stewart is proving that sort of bard.

If you haven’t already done so, take fifteen minutes to watch the demolition in its entirety.

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"You Will Like Him When He's Angry" – Jon Stewart Annihilates Jim Cramer
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