I'm In Suzy Homemaker Mode. You All Get to Suffer.

No consensus has formed around my first choice in loveseat. That being so, I have quested further afield, and discovered a few interesting possibilities. Once again, your opinions are desired.

I love this one for the style and the fact that it’s made by Simmons (screams comfort, doncha know), but being a smoker, I especially love that they’re calling this color “tobacco:”

Isn’t that sweet?

There’s also the temptation of a good recliner instead, though. This one is super-cheap and looks super-comfy.

For comparison’s sake, I’ll put up yesterday’s find, and you lot can battle it out. If you were dropping by Dana’s house for a little light Con-bashing, followed by a movie, which seat would you pick?

Bear in mind there can be only one. My soon-to-be new place is slightly smaller than my budget.

Thanks for your input, my darlings.

I'm In Suzy Homemaker Mode. You All Get to Suffer.

7 thoughts on “I'm In Suzy Homemaker Mode. You All Get to Suffer.

  1. 1

    The Simmons sofa is clearly the winner if you want a place entertain guests. Or maybe get two recliners? Which would be about the best thing a guest could find, in my recliner-loving opinion.

  2. 2

    I’d say the first one looks the best, really. But then again, I sleep on a pad on the floor, and don’t have any furniture made out of anything that appears real.Go for the top one. It just… works.

  3. 4

    OK, time to add my 2 centsI would go with the Simmons as it appears to be leather, two reasons, easy to clean, and as you said, your a smoker and leather is self extinguishing.It also looks very comfy :-)

  4. 5

    I would go for the last one which is the fold up deal. The big cushions on the Simmons are hard to get comfortable on, plus they suck cracker crumbs up like a sponge. The last one looks like it will hold up better and u can use it later in the servant’s quarters when you hit the lottery.

  5. 6

    They both look comfortable and that’s the second-most important thing. The most important thing is whether they will stand up to long, hard use.Oddly enough, some of my best-wearing and best-loved pieces of furniture were unexpected finds in Goodwill and similar shops. The maple table that I use for a desk is one such; it’s as rough-hewn and welcome-homey as when it first bruised my careless hip some fifteen years ago. I sometimes wonder whether its previous owner(s) loved it as I do.Whatever you choose, Dana, be sure that you love it.

  6. SWE

    Spend a good long time sitting on that there recliner before you buy it. We fell in love with a LaZBoy loveseat at the store, only to get it home and discover that it gives us raging headaches if we sit on it for too long. It keeps our TV time strictly limited, but some people might not like that. Think hard about dimensions. Fluffy stuffed furniture tends to be deep and wide. If space is an issue, consider a more trim "modern" design that will give you the same seating area with less floorspace. An ottoman doesn't take up much room, can be extra seating in a pinch, and might even store stuff if you go that route. I agree with those who recommend quality, but price is in no way an indicator. We had a sofa from Room & Board (BIG $$$, too) and it looked like utter crap after 2 years of gentle use.What I'm not saying here is that this is all stuff I wish I'd known before buying furniture over the years. Most people do this furniture shopping better than I do, so I'm sure you will be victorious in your quest!

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