¡Viva los Fósiles!

Ron Britton called, and many have answered. Including uno en español at La Columna de Cristal. Muchas gracias, Gen! And here’s hoping you’ll forgive my atrocious Spanish grammar.

Friend of the cantina and official Thinking Brain Dog Cujo359 did his duty.

The Gaytheist Agenda not only has the fossils, but the links.

Cognitive Dissident has more Dawkins!

Parrotlover77 links to the Tiktaalik Song.

Creationist Idiocy presents Neil Shubin on Tiktaalik.

Verbal Razors joins the revolution.

The Atheist Librarian is the one who came up with that gorgeous smack-down: “This is Tiktaalik. He is an example of a true Transitional Fossil. He has both fishy and lizardy parts. I really don’t know what more fundies want.”

Brilliant. ¡Viva los Fósiles! ¡Viva la Revolución!

But eight really isn’t enough. If you joined the revolution, let me know in comments. If you didn’t, join the revolution and let me know in comments. No excuses.

And Ron? Flattery gets you free drinks for life at the cantina. Once we figure out how to pour alcohol through the intertoobz, anyway….

¡Viva los Fósiles!
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