Obligatory New Year's Day Post

2009 is off to a rather rocky start. My roommate came home after a blissfully long absence. My Muse left in a snit. The two of them don’t get along at all, which is why I’m looking forward to April. Solitude will be mine… MIIIINNNNEEEE!!1!11!!

Ahem. Sorry ’bout that.

I have done nothing more interesting tonight than watch a few desultory fireworks shot off by a neighbor and moved heaven and earth on the intertoobz looking for new music. I like my New Years that way. If they changed the year at midsummer, I might consider dragging me arse from the house, but cold weather + stupid drunk people = Dana staying happily home.

This year will bring a few changes. I don’t play the resolutions game, but I have Plans. Oh, yes. They are:

1. Keep this blog fat and happy.

2. Move into a happy home o’ me own.

3. Write me arse off, with the first half of the year spent worldbuilding and the latter half beginning the novel, which will take me into 2010.

Along the way, I’m sure I’ll pick up a few new friends, fall in love with new bands, discover interests I never knew I had, find fabulous new authors and savor new novels from my favorites, see the Peacemakers a few times, and do other fun and exciting things that will make life worth living for yet another year. Rather looking forward to it.

Many of us have our own particular New Year’s traditions. Aside from taking the opportunity to sneak in a few extra hours alone with my characters, I play U2’s “New Year’s Day” without fail. Care to join me? You can see Bono with no wrinkles and really bad hair:

I don’t know about you, but I’m amused.

My fondest memory of 2008 is getting to meet all of you. Having you lot around makes me a very happy Dana indeed. And so, fill a glass with whatever’s to hand, raise it in your honor, and please do accept my favorite Scottish blessing, because it’s exactly what I want for you:

“May the best you’ve ever been be the worst you’ll ever see.”

Happy New Year, my darlings. I hope you’ll have a wonderful one indeed.

Obligatory New Year's Day Post

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    Happy New Year dear Dana.I read you every day I am in country and enjoy you very much. Good luck on getting your own place. Warm hugs from a dirty old man. (smile)

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