Today’s smiting of intolerant bastards.

We haven’t done Intolerancia in a while, have we? It’s time to bring it back, because the chorus of whines from right-wing religious morons is swelling to a crescendo, and it’s time to raise a counterpoint.

I’ve also come up with a new motto, which I’m probably going to have to get on a t-shirt someday: “I’ve lost my tolerance for your intolerance.” It’s the refrain that’s been going through my head tonight, along with a leitmotif of disgust.

We begin our recital with a rococo duet on the theme of “they did so why can’t he?” Gemito espressivo, per favore:

President-elect Barack Obama has yet to attend church services since winning the White House earlier this month, a departure from the example of his two immediate predecessors.

On the three Sundays since his election, Obama has instead used his free time to get in workouts at a Chicago gym.


Both President-elect George W. Bush and President-elect Bill Clinton managed to attend church in the weeks after they were elected.

It goes on. And on. And on and on and on. The authors just can’t seem to get over the fact that our last two presidents went to church a lot, while this one, having had his pastor go down in flames last February, would prefer not to drag the media circus into some unsuspecting service. Mr. Martin, Ms. Lee, allow me to just say a little something here: There is no fucking religious test for office in this country. Get the fuck over it.

This is also my advice to Charles Lynch, who now joins the chorus with a tired little ostinato:

A 70-year-old resident spent Monday night in the Marion County Jail after praying aloud during a moment of silence at the City Council meeting.

Charles Lynch was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after causing a disturbance during the meeting, according to a police report from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

At the onset of the meeting, Mayor Rob Thoman read a statement of disorderly conduct and stated anyone who talked out of turn would be in violation of the statement.

During the moment of silence, Lynch began reading a prayer out loud; when asked to be quiet, Lynch began to pray louder, according to the report.

Lynch was then asked to leave the meeting. He refused and grabbed a chair, prompting Southport assistant Chief Mark Myers to forcibly pry Lynch’s hands from the chair, according to the report.


“I’m not promoting any church or any religion,” Lynch said. “All I want is the way it was. Why take away our rights as citizens to have a word of prayer, because we’ve always had it.”

Guess what, Chuck? Absolutely no one was taking away your right as a citizen to have a word of prayer. In fact, they bunged a moment of silence in there at the beginning so you could pray. All they wanted you to do, in fact, was keep that prayer between yourself and your God so that other people’s right to have a word of prayer with their God wasn’t drowned by your obbligato.

Ed Brayton had a good point on this: for people like this, it isn’t about the right to pray, but the desire to force others to pray the same way they do.

Chuck got us warmed up with the “they’re taking away our rights!” refrain. Are you ready for the persecution rondo?

Kalamazoo to Persecute Christians

The city of Kalamazoo is discussing an ordinance to discriminate against Christians. Of course, that’s not how they put it.

Proposed Kalamazoo ordinance would ban discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered individuals

KALAMAZOO — A proposed Kalamazoo city ordinance aimed at protecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered individuals from discrimination will be introduced Monday before the City Commission.


So Christian bookstores would be forced to hire crossdressers. This proposal would take away everyone’s right to hire or not hire whomever they please. This is a violation of the freedom of association.

That’s the persecution. Somehow, the fact that the ordinance has about 67,982 exemptions written in for religious entities that want to retain the right to discriminate at will and call it “religion” escapes this fucktard. He dismisses it with a breathless, “How long will churches and private citizens be exempt if this proposal is passed?”

Like, ZOMG. Someone may have to allow some dude in a dress into church. How very terrifying. Why, it’s almost as bad as getting torn limb-from-limb by wild beasts, or burned alive, or murdered en masse by the established Church’s soldiers.

At least the overwhelming majority of his commenters ripped him a new one. Several new ones, in fact. Not that it will matter, because Christians who believe that anti-discrimination laws passed by Christian officials and supported by Christian citizens discriminate against Christians aren’t going to be swayed by a lil ol’ thing like reality.

Refrain: “I’ve lost my tolerance for your intolerance.”

Maybe the more compassionate Christians could get busy teaching their brethern how to sing a new song.

(Tip o’ the shot glass to Attaturk and Ed Brayton. For those who’d like to know what the hell all those classical music terms meant, see here. The one thing you won’t find is gemito. It’s Italian for “whine.”)

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