Motherfucking Comcast

I’ve been knocked offline most of the night. Comcast decided, without warning, that several hours’ worth of maintenance needed to be done. I’m sure it did, but a notice would’ve been nice.

And so no shit, there I was, cut off from the world, typing this in a Works document and realizing just how very internet addicted I am.

I couldn’t check up on the latest political fuckery.

Couldn’t pull up me expanded outline for the book.

Couldn’t hare off in search of some factoid or quote or other bit of useful information for said book.

Couldn’t pester you lot, and read your comments, and procrastinate by clicking on the links you send me.

I couldn’t even turn on The Daily Show and Colbert Report to clean away my anger to.

And it drove me utterly crazy.

Really don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…

Maintenance was supposed to go on till dawn. Things are back up for the moment, but if tonight’s posts turn out thinner than McCain’s maverick credentials, you’ll know the reason why.

Motherfucking Comcast
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6 thoughts on “Motherfucking Comcast

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    Umm, Mark, one of the reasons I’m no longer a Comcast customer is that this happened frequently, and always with no warning. Guess I should have written that on the Internet to get a satisfactory response.Glad to see you made it through the night, Dana. Always sucks to not have Internet service.

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    Well, AC, you go down to your local coffee shop or library with your wireless laptop and write it there. Or you have dialup as a backup connection. In my experience, when you’re with Comcast, you’re used to thinking this way.Might be why Mark neglected to mention that.

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