Blue AZ

Lookit my old homestead, would ye?

They let me down by voting McCain. They let me down by denying gay marriage rights. But damn if it doesn’t look like they won’t be letting me down for long.

El numeros:

District 1

Ann Kirkpatrick (D) 56%
Sydney Hay (R) 39%

District 4

Ed Pastor (D) 72%
Doug Karg (R) 21%

District 5

Harry Mitchell (D) 53%
David Schweikert (R) 44%
(Historical note: Harry Mitchell was the first Congressman I ever voted for.)

District 7

Raul Grijalva (D) 63%
Joseph Sweeney (R) 33%

District 8

Gabrielle Giffords (D) 55%
Tim Bee (R) 43%

The Cons held on to 3 seats out of all of Arizona. 3. And they got absolutely annihilated in every other district.


Blue AZ
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