This Is The Time

Soon, polls will open. Americans will line up and cast their votes. Many of us will be voting for hope, change, and a future while making history.

In light of that, there’s no more fitting song for today than Savatage’s “This is the Time.” I spent a few hours tonight whipping us up a little inspiration:

This is the time,
And this is the place,
And these are the signs
That we must embrace.

The moment is now
In all history
The time has arrived,
And this is the one place to be.

I don’t think there will be another election like this in our lifetimes.

Carpe diem,
my darlings. Seize the day for Obama, for America, and for us. Seize it for those who cannot:

Dear Americans, then, whom I have never met, and yet whom I love with all my heart. This is my plea to you. Do it for me. Get out the vote with every bit of strength you have.

Do what we cannot, myself and my friends and all the other Britkids from a thousand different backgrounds, who wait and hope. Because we may not be your fellow citizens, but we are your honorary fellow liberals. And we’re with you.

Seize this day for them, and for yourselves. This is our time. This is our place. This is our moment.

And remember:

Yes we can.

This Is The Time
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2 thoughts on “This Is The Time

  1. 1

    I am deathly ill, fever, chills, running a snot marathon and my mouth tastes like a vulture’s crotch. I can barely stand. In a few hours I while have someone drop me off at the polls and I will stay in the line until I vote for Obama/Biden. I hear the people sing and my desire to sing with them will trump my illness. No excuses. No more Bush. Government of, by, and for the people, the original Republican message and it took a Democrat to fulfill that vision.Ciao all – JeffreyD

  2. 2

    Sometimes things don’t go at all,from bad to worse. Some years muscadelfaces down frost; green thrives;the crops don’t fail,sometimes a man aims high, and all goes well.A people sometimes will step back from war;elect an honest man; decide they careenough, that they can’t leave some stranger poor.Some men become what they were born for.Sometimes our best efforts do not goamiss; sometimes we do as we meant to.The sun will sometimes melt a field of sorrowthat seemed hard frozen: may it happen for you.Sheena Pugh (b.1950)

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