First Victories

Obama takes midnight voters by storm:

The first results are in for the 2008 general election, with the small village of Dixville Notch, New Hampshire again performing its tradition of having everyone turn out to vote at midnight and then immediately reporting the results.

And the count is a real shocker, as just read on CNN: Obama 15 votes, McCain six votes — in a place that has only voted Democratic once in the 50 years they’ve been doing this tradition.

He won Hart’s Location, NH by a vote of 17-10, too.

We’re off to a beautiful start, my darlings.

First Victories
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    Watching the election results and I thought of you.Lots, and lots, of interest up here in Canada as we join the world in hope.Not over until it is over but it seems that there will be no need for a Sorry Everybody site this time.I think this comment from a Dentist in Pakistan about sums it upIt is with a delicate whisper, that I suggest to the Americans to decide carefully, to choose the right person for the job, as it is not simply a vote for the 304 million Americans, but truly … for the 6.7 billion inhabitants on this planet called Earth.

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