An Open Letter to Undecided Voters

I wrote this in response to a plea from a diarist at Daily Kos. On the eve of the election, it seems appropriate to post it here.

Dear Undecideds,

I’m a dirty rotten liberal, so don’t listen to me. Listen to my conservative parents, who just voted for Obama:
My father is a decorated Vietnam vet and a lifelong Republican, but after a struggle, he chose Obama for one reason: Iraq. He trusts Obama to end the Iraq war quickly and competently. He couldn’t vote for McCain, who not only refuses to see the wisdom in redirecting our forces into Afghanistan where they’re desperately needed, but wants to start a multitude of new wars. My father served his country with honor and distinction. He despises draft dodgers and pacifists. But he also knows our country can’t afford any more useless wars. That’s why he chose Obama.
My stepmother used to describe herself as a “Rush Limbaugh conservative.” She’s now an Obamacan. She’s the financial hawk of the family, and she believes Obama will do the best job salvaging our economy. She knows that middle-class folks like my parents will suffer under the economic policy McCain advocates. She also knows that our family would not be able to afford health insurance under McCain’s plan. She believes that Obama’s foreign policy is right, and that he will restore America’s standing in the world. McCain won’t. Obama chose a running-mate fully capable of leading this country if necessary. McCain didn’t. She chose Obama because he truly cares about America, and he has the intelligence, the advisers, and the temperament to be the President America needs.
They’re confident Obama is the right choice. So are many other conservatives I’ve heard from.
I chose Obama in the primaries because he is the first candidate that has ever made me believe that you and I, working together, can do as much for this country as he can. When he steps into the Oval Office, you and I are coming with him. Government of the People, for the People, and by the People is not just a catch phrase to him. He believes in it. He believes in us.
We need that kind of hope and power. We need a great American President. That’s why my conservative parents and their liberal daughter chose Obama.
I hope you’ll join us.
An Open Letter to Undecided Voters
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One thought on “An Open Letter to Undecided Voters

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    I sent a slightly-edited version of your letter to my republican paterfamilias (I didn’t think the emotional appeals in the last major paragraph would do anything for him, though they may work quite well on many people) — along with a video of a guy who is a father at the school where one of our kids goes and an Iraq amputee veteran, speaking at the DNC: Marine Capt. Jon Kuniholm speaks @ the 2008 DNCI have no idea if it will make the slightest difference.

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