Right There With Ya

I know how you mean, Steve:

An astute reader named chrenson raised a good observation yesterday.

Steve, I think I’m sensing some desperation in your closing comments on these posts. Coming up with new ways to express how very f***ed up the McCain campaign has become must be one hell of a burden. Especially since each instance of bulls**t way outdoes the one before.

Chrenson’s right. It’s one thing to point out some of the absurdities of the presidential campaign, but it’s altogether more challenging to find different adjectives that sufficiently capture the madness emanating from McCain campaign headquarters. Reading today that McCain is going after Obama on tax breaks for Big Oil is just the latest evidence that the Republican presidential ticket is engaged in some kind of satirical performance art, and I’m just not in on the joke.

I’ve noticed, over these past few weeks, that Steve Benen’s legendary good temper has become a bit frayed round the edges. Nearly every post now ends with a scramble through the thesaurus to find a fresh new way to call McCain the most dishonest, disgusting, depressing, disgruntled, disorganized dumbfuck ever to disgrace a presidential ballot.

I think all of us are having a hard time coming up with the words to express just how we feel about this fucktarded former flyboy.

Bush infuriates me, and I know he does the same for Steve. So I can imagine that our emotions are running on parallel tracks here as we both stare with jaws agape at something we never thought possible: a presidential ticket that makes Bush/Cheney seem like a mere prelude to catastrophe. It’s really fucking hard to find the right words to express your horror and outrage, your contempt and disgust, with the two assclowns currently bringing out the worst in the Republicon party.

And trying to keep on top of the relentless fuckery coming out of that campaign is a task beyond an army of bloggers. Chrenson called it: it is a burden. It feels like a gigantic leaden weight pounded repeatedly into the chest. Add to that the fact that Republicons everywhere are clammoring to outdo their candidate in spectacular assclownery, and it’s enough to make a blogger burst into tears. How do you sort out the stuff that needs highlighting when all of it is equally noxious?

I’m lucky. I don’t get paid for this shit. I don’t have editors breathing down my neck, and I don’t have an audience of thousands. I can take a break, take a breath, and divert my attention elsewhere for a post or two for the sake of my own sanity.

Steve Benen, however, cannot.

And so, it is with the utmost gratitude and sympathy that I raise my glass high, and say:

“Steve, and all of you political bloggers treading madly in this sea of insanity hoping to stay afloat: you’ve almost made it to the island of reason. We’re ready to pull you ashore. Thank you for doing the impossible.”


Right There With Ya