Jesus Wuz a Socialist!

Some inconvenient truths about Jesus:

“From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.” (Luke 12:48)

Sounds like that dirty liberal Jesus was an anti-American socialist commie freak, doesn’t it? I hear he was also into giving to the poor (OMG, redistribution of weath! WELFARE!!11!1!) and thought rich people would have a hard time getting into heaven.

Wait a sec. Isn’t Sarah Palin a big fan o’ Jesus? Doesn’t that make her an anti-American socialist commie freak?

Why, yes. Yes, I believe it does.

Jesus Wuz a Socialist!

3 thoughts on “Jesus Wuz a Socialist!

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    I had a “discussion” with an acquaintence about politics once where I raised this issue and his retort was essentially as follows:Charity is good, but taxes (a major mechanism of wealth distribution) are not voluntary. As a result, they aren’t charity. Because taxes aren’t charity, there is no “spiritual reward” for paying your taxes–so you’re robbing/penalizing the rich. Conversely, if they choose to be generous, they score brownie points. So not only do taxes penalize the rich materially for being successful, they penalize the rich spiritually, because they could’ve voluntarily donated that money and made god happy instead.He was naturally unswayed by the fact that the poor don’t give a damn why you’re supporting them or other arguments in the same vein. In my mind, it’s just another piece of evidence that most of the religious people in this country are terminally insane.

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    Watching clips of Olberman posted on the web for the past couple of years he has been basically a ball of fury at Dubya’s idiocy. It’s funny watch unable to keep the smirk off his face every time Palin says something stupid.But then what do I know- I’m not free, because of the nasty Marxist way the hospital birth of my children didn’t cost me or my wife any money.Gov Palin, you really better hope Obama wins, because your allies, you know, us here in Britain, as well as Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, even France (Yes Gov. there are French troops dying in Afganistan) may take exception to the insults you keep handing out. You keep pallin’ around with China, that oppressive totalitarian state that is providing all those nice consumer goods the US wants so badly that they won’t stand up to a genocidal country that invades a smaller neighbour, has WMDs and is prepared to buck the UN. (hold on didn’t Iraq…)

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