We Have 'em On the Run

How sweet it is:

Here’s yet more evidence that the Dems are poised for huge gains in Congress: The Cook Report has released a new set of updated rankings on 25 House races — and all 25 are shifts in the Dems’ direction.

Most of these show that a Dem incumbent who was leaning towards a win is now more likely to win, or that a Republican once thought solid or highly likely to win is now a weaker position, albeit still favored. But a few of these show serious changes in the expectations for the Dems to pick up seats.

For example, the open seat of moderate Rep. Wayne Gilchrest (R-MD), who lost his primary for re-election, is now a toss-up in a district that voted 62%-36% for President Bush in 2004 — helped in no small part by the fact that Gilchrest has been campaigning for the Dem.

For what it’s worth, only one Democratic seat has recently been shifted towards the GOP: The seat of scandal-ridden Florida Rep. Tim Mahoney.

Savor that a moment. Districts that are overwhelmingly Republicon are now battlegrounds.

This is our opportunity. This is our year. We can sweep the neocons, theocons, and richophiles out of Washington. We have this chance to bring a progressive message to America. We can win people who wouldn’t have given us a nanosecond’s consideration before the dramatic failure of Republicon rule.

We can show them that the liberal, progressive agenda isn’t a thing to be feared, but a thing to be embraced. They’re open. They’re still uncertain, but they’re ready to listen.

They’re ready for new ideas about health care, to ensure that Americans can afford the care and treatment they need.

They’re ready for old ideas about the economy, realizing now that regulations don’t cripple business – they keep marauders from robbing Wall Street blind, prevent speculative bubbles that feel good while they’re expanding but hurt like hell when they burst, and ensure that business is conducted sensibly and sustainably.

They’re ready for intelligent foreign policy, a policy that treats our allies with respect and appreciation, approaches our enemies with strength and resolution, and relies on sensible diplomacy to resolve conflicts before they spiral out of control.

They’re ready for energy independence, and are open now as never before to the idea that you can have your environmentalism and your energy, too – as long as you do it right.

They’re ready for the restoration of the rule of law and the Constitution.

They’re ready for change. They’re ready for hope.

We can give that to them.

Nothing is going to be easy. It’s hard to change deep-seated attitudes, hard to reverse course, hard to face up to the tough facts and do what’s necessary to ensure we have a future. But we can do this together. I think Americans are ready to have that talk, the one that will identify principles the majority of us can sign on to. We’re ready to work together for a better country and a better world.

That’s what those numbers tell me.

It tells me that more Americans than ever are ready to turn to the left for solutions.

Make the pledge, here, now: We won’t let them down.

We Have 'em On the Run