Wakey, Wakey! Poll Crashing Time!

Tristero needs our help:

I know that online polls are silly, biased, and prove nothing. Still, as PZ Myers’ efforts to zap creationist polls by sending his blog readers to vote the pro-science choice demonstrates, it’s always fun to skew them in our favor.

NOW at PBS has an especially silly poll:

Do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as Vice President of the United States?

As I write this at 4:11 AM (don’t ask), it is running 54 Yes to 44 No, and that can only mean that the lunatics on the right are playing games. In the spirit that the right should get away with nothing, ever, no matter how trivial, because nothing is trivial when it comes to fighting the right:

Think we might be able to do something to make that poll better reflect reality? Oh, and tell yer friends.

An hour later, that fucking thing hasn’t budged. I need you, my darlings.

Go. Destroy. Spread the word!

Wakey, Wakey! Poll Crashing Time!
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2 thoughts on “Wakey, Wakey! Poll Crashing Time!

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    Forget the PBS poll. It has a vote count of 45 million. Folks have been using scripts to crash that thing for days now.Thanks for the Credo link. I doubt it’s going to do any more good than trying to influence the PBS poll. The Democrats in Congress being the non-chordates they are, they’ll fold after mouthing a few platitudes about getting something for the taxpayers. The TV news will cover for them, because guess who holds the notes of the media companies? Still, it feels like doing something.

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