The Most Dangerous Politician Ever

No, it’s not McCain. Or Palin. ‘Tis Obama, and he’s dangerous because of a speech.

Obama’s acceptance speech Thursday night was indeed phenomenal, but I hadn’t thought of it as dangerous until I read Kevin Drum’s take:

Tonight Obama made a start on a campaign that’s based not just on talking points (though there will be plenty of those), but on a sustained assault on modern conservatism and a sustained defense of modern liberalism.

But it was only a start. He needs to keep pressing both halves of that game plan, even if it means occasionally saying some hard things. If he takes a few chances and does that, though, he’ll not only win, he’ll win with a public behind him that’s actively sold on a genuinely liberal agenda. This is why conservatives have so far been apoplectic about his speech tonight: if he continues down this road, and wins, they know that he’ll leave movement conservatism in tatters. He is, at least potentially, the most dangerous politician they’ve ever faced. [emphasis added]





Fuck yes!

The more I see of this man, the more I see the Democratic Party falling in behind him, the more I see even Republicans stepping up to join him, the more I start to believe Kevin’s right. I’ve never heard people speak of a politician this way. Not this full-throated roar of acclamation. Not this thrill. Not to this degree.

Throughout history, a rare handful of human beings have inspired people to rise up, to envision a better world and then throw everything they have into building it. I think Obama’s that man for our era. I don’t know for sure yet – won’t know until I’ve seen him govern. But the enthusiasm, the sense of renewal, tell me that he’s got the potential to be someone very special indeed.

Dr. King was such a man. JFK was such a man. FDR was such a man. Our Founding Fathers were such men.

Every day, it seems increasingly more likely Obama is such a man.

No wonder the Republicons are shit-scared and throwing out every smear they can manufacture. No wonder they had to present a shiny gimmick as McCain’s VP pick. No wonder they’re terrified.

Well they should be.

“The most dangerous politician they’ve ever faced.”

What a ring that has!

The Most Dangerous Politician Ever