Wow. Just…. Wow.

Sitemeter led me to a new delight tonight: PTET.

Leads DaveScot around by the nose.

Unleashes the Smack-o-Matic until Denyse O’Leary blubbers.

Has the same soft spot for Buddhism I do (once the religious crap’s stripped away and the philosophy’s left to shine).

I likes this blog!

Oh, and, you know, there was that really nice compliment that melted me into a soppy little puddle:

While I’m in a blog-rolling mood, props to En Tequila Es Verdad for being without question the best blog in the world today…

Wow. I mean… really… wow. That’s overwhelming, is what that is. Gracias.

But you know what? This blog wouldn’t be anything without my readers. I scribble it, but you, my darlings, are the ones who inspire it. So that compliment, there: that belongs to you.

Salud, mi amigos.

Wow. Just…. Wow.
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2 thoughts on “Wow. Just…. Wow.

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    Thanks, that’s very sweet of you… My blogging is overly verbose and underly regular. Yours flows like… like… like good booze with better people. So there :)

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