Expelled Takes Canada by Storm

If you haven’t seen the weekend box office for Expelled’s Canadian debut, swallow whatever you’re drinking, make sure you’re securely seated, and if you haven’t been doing your crunches, apply proper abdominal support. Then click on through to Pharyngula.

Isn’t that gorgeous?

Canadians drink free in the cantina tonight.

Expelled Takes Canada by Storm

4 thoughts on “Expelled Takes Canada by Storm

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    Free drinks to canadians? Do you really think that wise? I would hate to see the cantina bankrupt. Obviously they could spend all that money they didn’t spend on expelled…

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    When I went to my press screening for the film, I was running behind. I strolled in the door ten minutes late, to find the theatre owner and an employee hanging about the counter, one of whom said “Oh, I guess we will be running the film, then!” when I introduced myself. Turns out I was the only member of the Calgary press who’d shown up.Good thing, too. Other reviewers might have gotten annoyed by my apoplectic shouting during the screening. It physically hurt to be in that theatre.Though, I suppose that does make the offer of free drinks all the more soothing.

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    Oh how sweet, I work in the Cinema Industry in Australia so I follow the daily box office of the US and Australia pretty closely, I also sub to industry sites like Rotten Tomatoes and I am pleased to say that “Expelled” only got an 8% rating and that was because of two positive comments hidden in the forest of negatives, I particularly love this quote from one of the reviewers “Mark MoringChristianity TodayThe film shows that Intelligent Design should be on the table for discussion. But if you’re looking for ammo to argue your Darwinist friends under the table, look elsewhere.”though the rest of the comments were along this line “Liam LaceyGlobe and MailThis film is an appallingly unscrupulous example of hack propaganda and it sucketh mightily. What’s more, I didn’t laugh once.”and with a rating of 8% I can easily make sure this is never shown at my Cinema :-)

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