A Favor to a Dear Friend

Paul at Cafe Philos says, “I’m Feeling Insecure Because My Blog Lacks Cat Photos.”

I see all these blogs nowadays with adorable cat photos and I’ve begun to wonder if it’s still possible to be a dedicated blogger without even a single cat photo to speak of?

Maybe I should post a cat photo? For one thing, I myself can’t resist them. Cats are cute beyond words.

Of course, I’d need to find a cat first….

My darling, my joy, I’ve got your cats right here:

Misha in a Galaxy of Bedding

Cat in the Sack

Me new brudder, Spook.

Pointed catmentary.

There’s a bajillion more where these come from. Whenever you need adorable cat photos, you just let me know. I’ve actually got one of Misha sitting on a column that has just the right note of dignity and classical grace that would compliment the artistic beauty of Cafe Philos.
And yes, in answer to your question: it is possible to be a dedicated blogger without a single cat photo. You prove that every day. You’re not only a dedicated blogger, you’re one of the most beautiful bloggers I know.
The only thing you can’t be without cat photos is a dedicated catblogger… unless you filch cats from your friends. I think that’s allowed under the bylaws of blogging.
And if not, fuck it – filch anyway!

A Favor to a Dear Friend
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4 thoughts on “A Favor to a Dear Friend

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    Dang it, Dana! I could spend half a day staring at those kitties! What is it about furballs that makes them so adorable?Thank you so much for your kind words!

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