Kaden: Seeking Aid!

Hey readers!

No attempting-to-be-insightful blog posts today, I have a straight-up favor to ask. I was supposed to write something for this contest hosted by Urban Fantasy Writers. The goal was to re-write a historical speech (i.e., “I have a dream”) with an UF twist.

I need a speech.

Any favorites?

In particular, I was thinking about re-writing one of Hitler’s speeches, since it would set up well for a human vs vampire or something set-up. However, I don’t know much about such things, and I’ve been swamped with little details like, uh, graduating. So if you faithful readers could do me a solid, I’d be forever in your debt.

If anyone could suggest a historical speech, preferably with a link to a copy of the text or something. Then I can write something off it. I know that I should be doing the research myself, and feel free to scold me for my lack thereof, but I wanted to finish this. The deadline is this weekend. Don’t worry about the writing part, I’ll get it done. I just need some good source material.

Thanks, all.

Kaden: Seeking Aid!

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    NP’s link’s got some gooood stuff. Might I suggest Churchill’s “Blood, Toil, Sweat and Tears,” or his Iron Curtain speech? Great, great oration. There’s also Elie Wiesel’s beautiful, stark speech there – less well known, very, very gut-wrenching.This is by no means a historical speech, but it’s three great speeches in one, and it might give you a good boost:http://youtube.com/watch?v=G4t03uBWYCw(And yes, I’m too lazy to do the hyperlink. So sue me.)

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