A Re-Introduction

Well, it seems that I’m not such an incompetent blogger as I thought! It seems that one of our host’s friends, George, took notice of my “Candidates and Classrooms” post – it was mentioned over at Decrepit Old Fool. I am flattered for the mention, and my thanks go out to the author!

One minor point, though…

I am very much male.

*checks trousers*

Yep. Definitely.

A simple mistake, especially given that I popped up out of the blue without any real introduction or description of myself. So here’s a quick moment for me to hog the spotlight and tell you what kind of human I am!

As mentioned, I am a guy. An 18 year old guy, about 6’2 with hazel eyes and brown air. My heritage is an eclectic mix of various European countries, nothing particularly strong enough to influence me more than the others. English is, allegedly, among the stronger of my ancestors – though my father was adopted, so this information is questionable. I have Native American on my maternal grandfather’s side, and Dutch Irish on my grandmother’s. I live in the beautiful pacific northwest, and I spend most of my time writing, reading, exploring the bright centers of the internet, and video gaming. I write for myself, in the form of a science fiction novel, and for others, as is the case with my game design projects, in which I work under an independent designer working on his debut project. I might decide to actually use my own Blogger blog (Musings Of A Teenage Mind) to discuss those projects. The blog is, currently, empty as I have found no good use for it, and my time has been spent here. I suppose if there was enough interest in it, I’d share my stuff there.

In any case, that’s most of the vital stats. Thank you for allowing me to talk about myself, it’s not something I’m in the habit of doing. So now, please go on to enjoy the better parts of the blog! I have posted the second part of my education-based blog series below, be sure to stop by if you are interested.

And everything changes
And nothing is truly lost
-Neil Gaiman

A Re-Introduction

3 thoughts on “A Re-Introduction

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    Doh! Sorry about the mistake Kaden. Sometimes my head is a muddle. You could have introduced yourself; “I am male, I have a penis, I drink Bud light, belch and smash the cans on my forehead”, but then I still dyslexically misread your name initially as Kara, but only later noticed it’s really Kaden and went back and corrected the name without correcting its correlates, there’s every chance I could get it wrong. Hypothetically. Looking forward to the rest of your series.

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    Efrique – That could be potentially ominous…Was it not Chancellor Palpatine who told Anakin, “We are watching your career with great interest.”Sorry. Star Wars geek.

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