I doubt many of you follow horse racing, but if you were watching today’s Kentucky Derby, you already know Eight Belles had to be put down.

She’d put in a hell of a good showing, finishing second against an excellent field. It’s not easy for a filly to run with the big boys, but she did, and she very nearly beat them. Then, pulling up after the race, she snapped both front ankles and was euthanized moments later.

Euphoria can turn to tragedy in an instant.

Anti-racing activists will undoubtedly use her death as an example. If you’re one of them, you already think that horse racing is barbaric and cruel and I’ll never be able to make you think otherwise. I won’t even try.

I’m just going to think of a gorgeous little girl with tremendous heart who gave her all, and raise a glass to her memory.

Salud, Eight Belles.


2 thoughts on “Down

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    We were sitting in our seats on the last turn at Churchill Downs when all the excitement went to silence as word came back to us. Everyone leaving the track yesterday was pretty sad and stunned. Very sad.

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    Wow… it was bad enough just seeing it happen on television. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like to witness it live. Sad, sad day.

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