Who Was it Who Loves the Terrorists, Again?

If there’s anything I’ve learned about the modern Republicon party, it’s this: the louder they decry something, the more likely it is they’re doing it. The party of purity loves them some prostitutes. The rabidly anti-gay get up to all kinds of shennanigans in airport bathrooms and White House dormitories. They preach small government and practice unfettered executive power. Bitch about Democrats being governmental spendthrifts while they flush our tax dollars down the national toilet. I could go on, but we’d be here all night, and I think you’ve got the idea.

So, when Newt Gingrich says that “the left wing of the Democratic Party, frankly, kind of admires American terrorists,” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Indeed. It occurred to Digby to ask which American terrorists the right wing of the Republicon Party kind of admires, and what do you know:

You remember Rudolph, don’t you? He was a God fearing right wing extremist who was on the run for several years for after “bombing an Atlanta-area abortion clinic in 1997 and a Birmingham, Ala., clinic in 1998. In addition to the clinic bombings, Rudolph was indicted in relation to the 1997 bombing of an Atlanta gay and lesbian nightclub that injured five people and the 1996 Olympic Park bombing, which killed one person and injured 111 others.”

And when they finally caught him:

Since he didn’t look as if he had stumbled out of a cave,
investigators believe Rudolph must have received help over the years. “If he’s been living in a mobile home, you’d assume quite a few people knew he was there,” says Ronald Baughn, a retired federal law-enforcement agent who helped investigate the Atlanta and Birmingham bombings. Indeed, Rudolph had become a local folk hero. In Murphy, T shirts and coffee mugs appeared saying RUN RUDOLPH, RUN.

That’s more than just admiration for American terrorism. That’s solidarity.


It doesn’t end there. Glenn Greenwald did some digging as well, and ended up with one of the most relentless indictments of the Bush Administration he’s ever written. It turns out the Republicons lurves them some foreign terrorists, too:

The New York Times, July 18, 1990

Cuban Linked to Terror Bombings Is Freed by Government in Miami

Orlando Bosch, a right-wing Cuban who is believed by American officials to be responsible for dozens of bombings aimed at the Castro Government, was released from jail here today in a deal with the United States Government [led by George Bush The First]. . . .


The Guardian, December 2, 2002:

The brother of President George Bush, the Florida governor, Jeb Bush, has been instrumental in securing the release from prison of militant Cuban exiles convicted of terrorist offences, according to a new book. The Bush family has also accommodated the demands of Cuban exile hardliners in exchange for electoral and financial support, the book suggests.


Rosa Brooks, The Los Angeles Times, May 11, 2007:

LIKE PIRATES, terrorists are supposedly hostis humani generis — the “enemy of all mankind.” So why is the Bush administration letting one of the world’s most notorious terrorists stroll freely around the United States?

I’m talking about a man who was — until 9/11 — perhaps the most successful terrorist in the Western Hemisphere. He’s believed to have masterminded a 1976 plot to blow up a civilian airliner, killing all 73 people on board, including teenage members of Cuba’s national fencing team. He’s
admitted to pulling off a series of 1997 bombings aimed at tourist hotels and nightspots.
Today, he’s living illegally in the United States, but senior members of the Bush administration — the very guys who declared war on terror just a few short years ago — don’t seem terribly bothered.

I’m talking about Luis Posada Carriles. That’s not a household name for most U.S. citizens, but for many in Latin America, Posada is as reviled as Osama bin Laden is in the United States. . . .

As Digby said, that’s more than just admiration. That’s solidarity.

Every time the Republicons start throwing stones, I hear the merry tinkle of shattering glass. In this case, it appears the damage is the result of pipe bombs.

Who Was it Who Loves the Terrorists, Again?
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    Whoa. The hell.I knew about the abortion clinic bombers, and the neocons’ thunderous silence on their crimes, but the whole Cuba thing came as a surprise (even though it really shouldn’t).

  2. 2

    I’m right there with you. Nothing should surprise me anymore, and yet they always seem to push the despicability envelope just that much further…

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