They Cannot Defeat the ERV!

This is by way of a public service announcement for those who might’ve gotten a nasty shock yesterday morning when trying to drop by ERV. It’s all very mysterious, and Abbie’s not saying much other than she considers it “malicious behavior,” but ERV vanished into thin air.

Wailing and rending of garments commenced. And I really mean it. Abbie’s one of the best science bloggers out there.

So it’s appropriate that she’s now got a happy home on ScienceBlogs. No one could deserve such fortune more – I just hope they know how lucky they are they’ve got her.

Let that be a lesson to malicious fuckwits who try to get blogs like Abbie’s removed, if that is what happened: you’re only making it worse. Abbie now has the might of ScienceBlogs behind her. She’s a force that cannot be stopped.

Be warned.

Be afraid.

Now go the fuck away.

Right, my darlings. In honor of the new ERV, raise your glasses high. Salud, mi amiga!

They Cannot Defeat the ERV!
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One thought on “They Cannot Defeat the ERV!

  1. ERV

    Aw thank you Dana!!!I cant stomach tequila anymore, though… bad night with tequila… bad night… and bad morning…I chose Maotai!

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