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Today’s opining on the public discourse.

To no one’s surprise, Bush has achieved a new record: longest losing streak:

At 39 months in the doghouse, George W. Bush has surpassed Harry Truman’s record as the postwar president to linger longest without majority public approval.

Bush hasn’t received majority approval for his work in office in ABC News/Washington Post polls since Jan. 16, 2005 — three years and three months ago. The previous record was Truman’s during his last 38 months in office.

He’s a loser. The majority of the country knows he’s a loser. And a lying fuckwit who approves torture, dumps America’s reputation in the toilet, and shits on it for good measure. Tell me again why this bastard hasn’t been impeached.

In other loser news, McCain responds to a petition from 30,000 veterans asking him to support updating the GI Bill by saying no:

Just a few days ago, appearing on ABC’s “The View,” John McCain talked about the importance of increasing the size of the U.S. military. To entice more volunteers, he said, the government should focus on incentives: “[O]ne of the things we ought to do is provide [the troops with] significant educational benefits in return for serving.”

Naturally, then, McCain indicated a few days later that he’ll withhold support for a bipartisan
measure to renew and expand the GI Bill for a new generation of veterans.

So, let me get this straight: McCain says we “ought to” provide educational benefits to our troops, but he ain’t gonna. Does this make sense? It does to him:

Bush administration officials, and apparently McCain, “worry that a more generous and expansive GI Bill would create an incentive for troops to get out of the military and go to college.”

Bush and McCain: Keeping our troops stoopid since 2000. Nice to know they’re fully supporting our valiant men and women in uniform there.

And, finally, by way of Digby, something constructive we can do about our “Torture President:”

I would like to reiterate D-Day’s call to send emails to ABC today to ask Charlie Gibson to follow up on ABC’s scoop revealing that the highest levels of the executive branch held meetings in the white house to discuss in great detail and unanimously approve of torture techniques. ABC should be proud of their story and asking the Democratic candidates about it in such a big public forum would do a lot to get the story out.

You can contact them here and demand that they follow up their reporting on torture by pushing it into the Presidential race. Contacting World News Tonight with moderator Charlie Gibson and ABC News Programming Specials would probably be the most helpful.

Digby has other good suggestions to go with that. Let’s go make noise, my darlings.

Happy Hour Discurso
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