Bloggers Rule, MSM Drool

Cobalt makes an interesting observation in comments on One Apology Down, 303,829,130 To Go:

Davis didn’t respond with as strong an apology as we deserve, but she was forced to backtrack because The Internet got pissed. That’s encouraging.

Damned skippy, and I hope we never forget that power.

I’ve been constantly reminded lately of a statement from Batman Begins: “What chance does Gotham have when good people do nothing?” Substitute Gotham for another city, the country, the world. What chance do we have when the good people do nothing?

And that’s what’s been so great about the internet. A lot of good people have gotten together, done something, and made a difference. Monique Davis is forced to apologize. Expelled is exposed. And there’s so much more.

These posts we write, the comments we leave, the emails and the petitions and the donations, they’re making a difference.

Democracy only flourishes when its people participate. There were far too many years when the good people did nothing, and the religious bigots, the warmongers, the batshit insane powergrabbers, took over. We have a chance to reverse that. We can pull the country back left. We can bring reason and discourse back. We will make a difference.

One blog. One comment. One email. One petition. One donation at a time. We are The Internet: hear us roar.

Who the fuck needs the Mainstream Media when they’ve got us?

Bloggers Rule, MSM Drool
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2 thoughts on “Bloggers Rule, MSM Drool

  1. 1

    That’s what I told people while I was linking this around. “Excuse me for a second, I have to go be the media.”On the one hand, it’s unfortunate that bloggers had to pick up MSM slack on this, but it’s awesome that we got some degree of success. Now there are all kinds of stories about Monique Davis. Granted, some folks are still applauding her for standing up for the persecuted and victimized Christian “minority” in America (they keep using that word…. I do not think it means what they think it means), but I think it was Jonathan Swift who said you can’t reason people out of positions they did not reason themselves into in the first place. So meh. Those’uns were a lost cause from the start.

  2. NP

    “Who the fuck needs the Mainstream Media when they’ve got us?”We are the mainstream media now! Even reputable news sites have blogs and message boards and podcasts now!

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