The Barstards Are At It Again

Ed Brayton at Dispatches from the Culture Wars has disturbing news about the creationists next onslaught – so-called “Academic Freedom Bills.” Bad has an expanded version at the Bad Idea Blog:

No one who has paid any attention to the ever-evolving strategies of the anti-evolution movement over the years can possibly be fooled by this, but still they persist. This is phase 4 of the anti-evolution movement. They still want exactly the same thing, to find a way to smuggle creationism into science classrooms, but now they’re attempting to do so under the guise of “academic freedom.”

Do you live in any one of these states?


Then go forth to your representatives and make a fuss.

The rest of you, keep a weather eye out – you don’t want these fuckers eviscerating science. It has nothing to do with academic freedom or “teaching the controversy” or any of their other pathetic arguments – at core, it’s about creating a theocracy. Let them get a toehold, and you can kiss your freedom adios.

The Barstards Are At It Again