Ladies and Gentlemen, It Is Open Season

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Saskboy takes top honors as my first commenter ever. It is truly an historic occasion, and I wish I had some sort of prize to commemorate it with. Perhaps an official En Tequila Es Verdad shot glass? Must design one…

I’d like to extend a heartfelt ¡bienvenido! to all the Cynics who dropped by today. So glad you could make it south, sorry about the administration and all, excellent to see you, pour yourselves a drink, won’t you? Thank you all for that wonderful tea party LuLu hosted. Isn’t it a delight when we can all sit down and be so civilized together?

(What’s this I hear? It’s April 1st? The Challenge is over?)

Holy fucking shit, so it is! April Fool’s Day, even so! I’m sure we’ll have a plethora of fools to fuck with. And I can now trot out my favorite proverb: April showers bring May fucktards.

Let the mayhem begin.

Ladies and Gentlemen, It Is Open Season

One thought on “Ladies and Gentlemen, It Is Open Season

  1. psa

    hey there dana, just added you to my bookmarks. looks like a mighty fine blog you’ve got starting. think i’ll pass on the tequila, only night i ever spent behind bars. long story. ended with getting kicked out of the drunk tank.

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