See Me at CONvergence & SSACon!


This is rather belated since CONvergence starts today, BUT I’m here and will be on some panels that you should go see if you’re coming to the con. Check it out:

‘Modern’ Mental Illnesses
Friday, July 3 • 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Where do “new” mental disorders come from? How are they discovered, and are they caused by modern society or just reconceptualizations of conditions that have existed for ages? Topics include eating disorders, sex addiction, video game addiction, and ASD.

Writing While Female
Saturday, July 4 • 11:00am – 12:00pm
An exploration of the specific challenges that women face in today’s writing environment.

User’s Guide to Therapy
Sunday, July 5 • 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Finding a good therapist who practices effective therapy can be a struggle. We’ll give you the overview of which therapies are empirically validated, how to find a therapist, and how to work with your therapist to build a strong relationship.

The rest of the CONvergence schedule is here.

I’m also doing a salon (basically, an informal interactive discussion) about consent & sexual communication in the FtB party room, Room 228, on Friday at 2 PM!

Otherwise, the FtB party room will be open in the evenings starting at 6 PM and you should definitely come hang out with us there.


The following weekend, July 10-12, is the Secular Student Alliance Annual Conference in Columbus. This will be my 4th SSACon, which is kind of ridiculous and cool. I’ll be on a panel called “LGBT Activism Beyond Same-Sex Marriage,” on Sunday, July 12 at 11 AM. The rest of the schedule is here.

Another cool thing that’s happening at SSACon is that Greta Christina and Marsha Botzer are both being awarded by the SSA–Greta for her service as an “ambassador” of the SSA, and Marsha for being an awesome activist who serves as an inspiration to secular students.

If you’re going to be at either of these conferences, feel free to come say hi!

See Me at CONvergence & SSACon!

My CONvergence Schedule!


There’s just a few days left until CONvergence starts in Bloomington, Minnesota on Thursday! I’m already in the area; I went to Twin Cities Pride today and got a ton of stickers and also a sunburn.

If you’re going to CONvergence/Skepchickcon, here’s where you can find me:

Tech Sex: Friday, July 4, 11:30 PM

New technology is often used to explore sexuality and sexual identity; its more sexually charged uses often determine the course for technological innovations. We will explore the complex intersections of sexuality, gender, identity, and technology. Panelists: Miri Mogilevsky, Lyndzi Miller, Heina Dadabhoy, Samantha Bitner, Catherine Lundoff

Science of Irrationality: Saturday, July 5, 11:00 AM

Your brain has been deceiving you all your life! Our brains often trick us into making irrational decisions and it does so in ways that are generally predictable. No one is immune, not even you. Come learn how your own brain has been misleading you. Panelists: Mary Brock, Bug Girl, Megan Press, Jamie Bernstein, Miri Mogilevsky

Criticism and Empathy Online: Saturday, July 5, 12:30 PM

When people abuse anonymity to give hurtful, damaging criticism, is this merely a failure of empathy, or is there something more there? How do you criticize people without triggering a flame war? Should you even TRY to avoid flame wars? Panelists: Miri Mogilevsky, Jason Thibeault, Wesley Chu, Kameron Hurley, Ted Meissner

Mental Illness Myths: Saturday, July 5, 5:00 PM

Myths about mental illness pervade our society, including our health care system. We’ll examine research, clinical practice, and experiences on everything from psychiatric drugs and the “dangerous” mentally ill to how these myths dehumanize and harm. Panelists: Megan Press, Miri Mogilevsky, Julia Burke, Olivia James, Desiree Schell (mod)

Organizing Online to Make a Better World: Do We Need to Tear the Old One Down?: Saturday, July 5, 8:30 PM

Criticism and even rage blazing across social media has proven remarkably effective in getting complaints heard, but what are the downsides? How do we maintain communities when anger and volume get things done? Panelists: Miri Mogilevsky, Jason Thibeault, Beth Voigt, Stephanie Zvan, Debbie Goddard

Bullying and the Bystander: Sunday, July 6, 11:00 AM

What can you do to support people who are targets of online bullying and harassment? We’ll discuss what works, what doesn’t, and why, as well as how much of a difference a bystander can make. Panelists: Miri Mogilevsky, Amy Roth, Will Robertson, Amanda Marcotte, Rebecca Watson

(Yes, that’s four panels in a day.)

I’ll also be at the FtB and Skepchick party rooms in the evenings if you want to say hi.

My CONvergence Schedule!