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  1. AKD

    As a retired forensic social worker, I applaud your assessment of how we failed the Conservatives for the 2016 presidential race. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this out on social media. I’ve shared it on my FB page and hope it will generate a meaningful conversation, or, at least give those who are constitutionally capable of being honest with themselves, something to think about. Brava!

  2. 5

    This is a remarkable article! It put so much together I couldn’t quite put my finger on before. Yes of course, that’s why Democrats’ jobs record doesn’t seem to really matter, even when job creation is talked a lot about. It’s not about jobs in the first place: “taking our jobs” and all that are in fact dog whistles. That explains a lot about this past election, among other things. Makes me sad and pessimistic about the future, too.

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