Housekeeping & Open Thread

Hello! I’ve been too busy to do very much writing that isn’t for pay (that is, the Daily Dot). I haven’t even had a chance to do any proper link roundups, so I haven’t shared these two things with you:

1. I had the opportunity to be a guest on a lovely podcast called Sex For Smart People. In this episode, we discussed catcalling, female orgasms, Jian Ghomeshi, Gamergate, that Northwestern University professor who was accused of sexual assault and responded by suing the accuser, and affirmative consent laws. And more. Check it out here.

2. Skepticon is tomorrow! I’m repeating my workshop from last year, Getting It On at the Con: How to Get Lucky Consensually. It’ll be at 3 PM tomorrow in the delightfully named Maui Ballroom. Same deal as last time. In addition, I am taking my DSLR to Skepticon, so if you are there and want nice shots of your outfits, find me and let me know! I will not think you are vain. I love photographing people.

Immediately following Skepticon, I’ll be spending a lovely week at home in Ohio, where I will cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner for many people. Hopefully some actual writing will get done during that time, too.

Since I’ve been so absent lately, let’s do an open thread! What have you been reading or writing lately? What’s going on in your life? How are you coping with these bullshit temperatures? Why is your city the absolute best city in the world? (You’ve already heard my answer to that question, so I’m opening it up to you.) How do you feel about [current event I have not written about]? Here is your chance to talk about all the stuff you can’t normally talk about in my threads because it would be off-topic!

Housekeeping & Open Thread

2 thoughts on “Housekeeping & Open Thread

  1. 1

    What have you been reading or writing lately?

    Trying to finish writing the damned book. No time for reading.

    What’s going on in your life?

    – Searching for excuses not to think about the book.
    – Quarrelling with people on the net – mostly futile and time consuming.
    – Fantasizing about having my own blog. (Not going to happen. My wife would be absolutely furious. You know … I
    should concentrate on the damned book. “We must do something about your daily schedule, dear!”)
    – Looking at the watch. It’s after midnight. The joy of writing this totally inconsequential, completely useless comment.

  2. 2

    What have you been reading…

    Yesterday, I sat down and breezed through Marvel’s Civil War, by Mark Millar. I was hoping for something excellent, but it was only okay (though I suspect some of that has to do with this reader’s general unfamiliarity with the Marvel in-comics universe). Can’t shake the feeling that Watchmen did it much better.

    Other than that, More Than Two, which I’m about halfway through (maybe more?). It’s ceased to surprise me how good the book is, but it really is consistently good. Like wow. Probably my new default resource for anyone interested in nonmonogamy, pushing Opening Up down to second place and Ethical Slut to third.

    And hey, there’s a crowdfunding campaign currently going on for three new polyamory books in 2015! So that’s rad.

    …or writing lately?

    Personal statements for my applications to grad school. That and notes on math in preparation for the GRE on Monday. Writing the personal statements has given me an extra boost of enthusiasm about grad school (I could be doing That Thing I Want To Do!! yaaay!), but the process as a whole is absolutely draining.

    I want to be writing some of the things I’ve either thought up or begun sketching out lately, like blog posts, erotica, a story/maybe comic idea… but I’m just exhausted, with little time to devote to those things.

    I’m feeling the strong urge to get in the habit of practicing some skills, though–in particular, writing, drawing, or both. I’m interested enough in improving my skills in both/either that I feel I might actually find the motivation to sustain daily practice. If only I had the time.

    How are you coping with these bullshit temperatures?

    Wearing lots of sweaters and scarves and drinking plenty of hot drinks. Mmm, hot drinks.

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