Spring in Manhattan

And now for something completely different: these are some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken around the city in the last few weeks. Acquiring a DSLR has made my life much happier.

Here’s a fascinating article about the building from which those street art photos are from.

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Spring in Manhattan

10 thoughts on “Spring in Manhattan

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    Lovely pictures. Boy do I miss New York. I feel like the rat in that one picture.

    A couple of years ago, my sister bought me a dslr for my birthday and I love it. I used to play with photography when I was a teenager after my grandfather gave me an old rangefinder. Recently, my mother dug up some old slides, and among them I found some photos I took of my sister in the dance studios at Bennington. Unfortunately, the cost of film and the fact that serious photographers back then usually did their own darkroom work and I really didn’t have the money for a darkroom and never learned to do it kept me from taking photography more seriously as a hobby, so the advent of digital photography has really changed things for me. It made something accessible that had really been out of reach for me.

    If you aren’t aware, and pardon me if I’m telling you something you already know, the Judson Church still has a lot of dance performances worth seeing.

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    Have you read John Scalzi’s various posts on photography? He’s a very talented amateur, and I’ve learned a lot about technique from looking at the photos he puts up almost semi-daily.

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