My Massive List of Social Justice Resources

Yo, remember that huge list of social justice resources I mentioned that I was working on?

Well, it’s up!

Feel free to use this for your own education, to refer newbies, and so on. Share it widely. Hopefully it’ll help people.

And, of course, it will be getting updated constantly and I’d love to get recommendations for articles, websites, books, and other stuff to add. Some of the sections are still woefully sparse, so if any of those are subjects that you particularly care about, please share your favorite resources.

Otherwise, there’s more explanation over on the linked post, so go read that if you’re interested.


My Massive List of Social Justice Resources
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7 thoughts on “My Massive List of Social Justice Resources

    1. 1.1

      Well, there are probably as many definitions as there are people interested in it. What social justice means to me personally is the struggle to address inequalities between different groups of people, educate others about those inequalities, and discourage prejudice, stereotypes, stigma, and misinformation about various groups of people.

      If that seems very vague, that’s because it is. 🙂

      1. Miriam,

        I just wrote a great set of questions. And wordpress ate them! I HATE THAT.

        OK, back to memory.

        Thank you for your response.

        I get most of what you are saying. But, tolerate my craziness as I think through this.

        I am severely disabled. And I would love for everyone to have a broken back, so they can address life the way I do.

        But, would that be feasible?

        I am what they call ‘gifted.’ How would we address those who are not?

        I am trying to adjust your definition to where I do not lose more.

        Trust me, my back is bad enough, I do NOT want to give up anything else for any reason.

        thanks again!


        1. I’m confused by your questions. Why would you want everyone else to have a broken back? What does “gifted” mean in your case, and what do you mean by addressing those who are not? What would you be losing or giving up?

          1. Miriam, wordpress is not letting me post longer comments from abroad – maybe my wifi connection.

            So, I posted a response on my reblog …. I know. It might get confusing for readers. I apologize. But, I am enjoying your response. Wayne

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