Occasional Link Roundup

Oh look, one of these!

1. Reasons why victim-blaming via “safety patrol” is silly and wrong. My favorite is the first one: “Real life is not a horror movie where it’s permissible yell at the screen ‘DON’T GO DOWN INTO THE BASEMENT, YOU STUPID BITCH! THE BAD GUY IS DOWN THERE! FUCK! FUUUUUUCK!'”

2. On the three purposes universities are expected to serve, and how one of those is starting to take over–to the detriment of the university system as a whole.

3. My friend Kate wrote this post (and this follow-up) about how to be a good friend to someone with a mental illness. I might be biased because I contributed, but still, lots of great advice here.

4. Rush Limbaugh discusses a study showing that men’s penises have decreased slightly in size over the past fifty years, and, naturally, blames Evil Feminism. Because, you know, the factors cited by the researchers themselves–weight gain, smoking, pollution, etc.–couldn’t possibly have contributed.

5. A hilarious analysis of a conservative columnist’s pathetic attempts to shame people who have sex before marriage and who–get this–choose to consume alcohol at their weddings. Oh heavens no.

6. On cats and MRAs. This is worth it, believe me.

7. Is having an “atheists-only” policy for dating discriminatory? Nope! Personally, I’m open to dating progressive religious folks, but I find that I have so much more in common with atheists.

8. Captain Awkward’s sad and brilliant post about harassment on public transportation.

9. Why women don’t always say “no.” Some of us are used to that “no” being ignored, anyway.

10. Slate has been promoting the crap out of its own editor Hanna Rosin’s (supposedly crappy) new book, The End of Men, publishing seven non-critical pieces about it in six days. Goodbye, journalistic ethics.

11. On the charge that atheists are actually just as “extreme” as fundamentalist religious folks. Nah.

That’s it for now. Feel free to promote your own stuff!

Occasional Link Roundup

4 thoughts on “Occasional Link Roundup

  1. 2

    I was really shocked about the Rush Limbaugh thing too and I told my parents (who listen to Rush Limbaugh religiously, to my chagrin) about it. If you listen to the audio clip (which we all did), Rush is rustling and organizing papers (like a newscaster on TV) while saying the penis thing, and according to my parents, that means he’s being facetious. I’m most certainly not defending Rush – believe me, I started hating Rush waaay before I knew that I hated extreme conservatism, because he yells to much – but I would assume that people who listen to his radio program all the time would know his mannerisms more than the good people at Salon.com or whoever broke the story first would. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s a thought!

    1. 2.1

      Interesting! Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, I don’t think he really believes that feminism has actually shrank men’s penises. I think he’s using that as a metaphor for the fact that feminism has supposedly Destroyed Manhood and Taken Away Men’s Masculinity and Made Men Irrelevant, though. And that…is so stupid.

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