“Intersectionality is Our Lives”: Moving Social Justice Video footage

Footage from the opening session of the October 2014 Moving Social Justice conference at CFI Los Angeles featuring Sikivu Hutchinson and Debbie Goddard:

When I first started writing Moral Combat: Black Atheists, Gender Politics, and the Values Wars back in 2009 few were talking about intersectional issues within an atheist/humanist context. Those who were were getting holy hell from the Dawkins dudebros and the Hitch fanboys. Because when you’re benefiting from economic and racial apartheid it’s far more sexy to crusade against genital mutilation among the backward primitive Muslim Africans “over there” and effectively say to black women atheists, by the way Negresses don’t you know that we rescued ya’ll from that scourge? Here, take this ‘We Are All Africans’ t-shirt and ticket to Darwin Day and sit down and shut the fuck up while we white atheists front like we’re Public Enemy Number One.

“Intersectionality is Our Lives”: Moving Social Justice Video footage

2 thoughts on ““Intersectionality is Our Lives”: Moving Social Justice Video footage

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    When I was a youth the notion that we were all ultimately from Africa was appealing, in part on the grounds it would annoy racists. But wouldn’t ya know? They find a way to use that sentiment for suck. From the libertarian atheist types using it to justify “colorblindness” that coincidentally (ha) reinforces a racist status quo to the fringe 19th century-styled race theorists just rewriting their theories to say the proven admixture of Neanderthal DNA to populations outside Africa is why they are superior. I’ve learned a lot about things I used to be blind to in the past few years, but by the first time I saw that T shirt, I was squicked. Good job, dudetopians.

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    Your hyper racial sensitivity is only exceeded by your paradoxical appeal to your own form of tribalism. You see things through a very twisted prism of neo-Marxist militant moralism spiced with a virulent undercurrent of angry victimhood.

    Luckily, there are very few people that fit into the tiny malignant tribe you call your own.

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